Really? You Should Be Ashamed!

As a 19 almost 20 year old mother to a beautiful little girl. I could never imagine myself saying I dislike or hate my daughter. You people should be ashamed. when I was growing up I used to lash out, back talk, cut, be disrespectful to my mother but not once did she take her frustration out on me or tell me that she hated me or dislike me. So if you say that I dont have the experience to say what I am saying. Yes I do. I was one of those kids. Amd for all those mothers saying its the kids fault. They get half their genes from you so what does that say about you. Try talking to your children getting them help or something. As a mother it is your job to teach your kids right from wrong, get them help when they need it whether they want it or not. You should not EVER give up on your children. I was a pill popper at the age of 14. My mom stopped at nothing to get me help when I didnt want it. I needed it but didnt want it. If you say cruel things to your kids then no they wont like you and will not respect you. And alot of you ladies do not deserve to be respected. I see in alot of stories you think everything is about you and once you have kids, yourself should not matter . Its selfish. If you hate your kids that much why didnt you give them up for adoption so a family without kids could love and cherish them the way they deserve. I hope God punishes each and every one of you for disrespecting your children and blaming them to be the problem when its probably the mother and the father who is to blame. I would never say the things you say about your children daughter. She precious gift and I work my *** off everyday to provide for her and ik she will not take that for granted because I will raise her better than that. So before you blame your child for something else you should think What can I do to help them and try to make them better. They only get one mother. Make it count.
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If you've talked back to your mom, you should know more than anything, that people often say things that they don't mean. This is a place for frustrated parents to vent. I'd really rather they vent here than harm their kids. Most people on here don't actually hate their kids. They hate their kids behavior, the stresses of raising kids, the situations that they're in, etc. You really shouldn't judge people. If you have helpful advice, by all means, give it. Otherwise go somewhere else.

Look troll, you have no right to judge anyone. If this group doesn't apply to you then get the hell out of here. Your kid is still a baby. You have absolutely no idea what it is like to raise a hateful, selfish child (and hopefully you never will). If memory serves, it's the child who should respect the parents, reread your bible. Sounds like you will be the one punished by your god for all the crap you put your parents through. For all you know, your mother probably did hate you but kept it to herself. We don't care for your approval. We have a right to feel what we feel and need others in a similar situation to commiserate with so that we don't go crazy. Go mind your own god damn business and go change a diaper or something. Just wait until your kid turns into a teen and acts like you did. Let's see how smug you are then.

You rock, I had to raise my sister when I was 12 because my mom was a drunk and was ery abusive and would leave for days on end. I would feel that my baby siter was sad. Anyway i love my siste like a child and I can stnd when people say they hate hier kids

Tell me when your book is published including your expert opinion on how to be a perfect, unconditionally loving parent at all times, please and thank you kindly.

Girl your out of your damn mind thinking that no one should hate there kids at sometime cause obviously your child hasn't smacked you, gave u a bloody nose, or even said i hate you i don't love you so get out ( MY 6 year old boy has done that and much more ) so when u experience that and then u can contact us so called bad moms for hateing our kids

Actually I did that to my mom and she never said she hated me. And I kno how to raise my kids with respect for their parents. Which other people seem uncapable of.

I've never told him i hate him

You dont seem like you would be very nice. You teach your kids disrespect or they see you do they think its ok. Or maybe he needs mental help. Either way a parent should always try to fix the pr

I ask my parents the same question. Why have me if u dont love me? I am an outcast of my fam. Always had been since i was a teen. I been through a lot of drama and tried to kill myself so many times when i was like 16 and my parents didnt find out about that until they read my story on a freedom writers journal for school. And they was like 'your story was sad' but didnt even shed a tear or gaven me a hug. I still live with these damn people sadly. This might be off topic but if i ever have a child(i want a boy) i will never treat my child like hes a foster child like people did me

I guess this original poster did not torment their parent enough to create intolerable pain like many here have experienced. I have been tormented enough and I don't owe a sociopathic ingrate the rest of my life.