How on Earth can you hate your own child??? Don't forget who they model their behavior after!! This group is horrible!
CharlotteJane94 CharlotteJane94 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 4, 2012

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This is despicable. I mean seriously, I can never imagine hating my kids. I totally agree with you.

Every mom has their breakdown moments and moments of frustration...but I could NEVER hate my daughter!!

The other day Kasen broke my iPhone 4s, and he broke the TV once, and many other thing, and I was mad, but I could never hate him.

Yeah. Clary's thrown tantrums in public. Broke the camera on my phone. Gave my favorite pair of shoes to the dog to chew on. Got glitter all over my expensive jeans. But hate her? I couldn't no matter what pretty much!!

You're both lucky. Others are not so fortunate.

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