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Totally Understand

Oddly enough, I too Hate your child... You should do something about the brat before I do.
Vivagalore Vivagalore 31-35, F 17 Responses Jul 8, 2012

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Loved the pictures. Children are best roasted slowly and seasoned with garlic and rosemary with thick brown gravy. And red wine of course. Enjoy.

I recently saw they have hair pieces/extensions for girl infants. The parents are insecure/crazy about their baby girl looking like a boy. I am not sure who they hate more, their new baby or themselves.

That is why parents need to have licenses. I wonder how many would be allowed to have children then! *wanders away shaking curls and muttering about breaking traditions*

What could be done about unlicensed children? Some should not be allowed to breed.

I have no answers. I have some have children as easily as spitting out watermelon seeds from their mouths. And others have none due to medical reasons. And some say sterilization is taking away rights!

Totally believable with your medical background.

You must have worked in retail at some time.


EXCELLENT!!!! My thoughts exactly. I would never choose to have a child again. Mine is a 37 year old alcoholic and I have more reasons to hate him than I can list. Actually, I'm not sure how I feel about him, and even that has become irrelevant ........... I just want him to GO AWAY. That's all. Thanks for your post .....Laughed my *** off.

I also scolded a child many times in front of their parents. I work with my mum fixing up greeting cards in the supermarkets. Making them look tidy. Many times a child will walk up and mess them all up after a good 3 hours work of tidying them. I always am sure to tell them off.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that I have, on multiple occasions, scolded other children in front of their parents? These people were complete strangers to me... and I didn't give a ****.<br />
<br />
If you don't scold your child, I will.<br />
<br />
**** off if you don't like it. My child will have to share this godforsaken planet with your spawn.<br />
<br />
But really. I'm a nice guy!

I was me before you were me!

I've done the same... It's tricky though because you never know how a parent will react. I usually start by approaching the wild Childs parent and saying something like "I don't want to embarass you but i dont know if you noticed your child is ___fill in blank___, I think they need your assistance to correct this"... If that doesn't work then I parent the wild child myself.

I don't mind embarrassing another parent. People need to be held accountable.

Ummm okay... I say what I do so the parent doesn't get hostile or defensive, because I don't think my message will be received if it's seen as an attack. My desire is to have the child behave not attack the parents

My wife says I'm a bit of a hot-head...

You? A hot head?....hahahahhahaha

I happen to scold other peoples children too...especially in crowded public the zoo....when people pretwnd not to see you...and then allow their children to run all over you and trample your children....

Today I had to scold more adults than children lol....

Ok ...done sharing...saw this in my new handy dandy homestream....some person I don\'t know commented on it....and because dente is in my circle I have it on my homestream.....a story...that\'s a year old...

Someone I don\'t know....commented.....


Exstreamly interesting...

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For goodness sake Dente!<br />
<br />
*laughs*<br />
<br />
Such wickedness! :)

<br />
<br />
<br />
('and thinking how grateful i am that my kids are older now')

lol....can't stop the humor! :D

lol oh man. this is hilarious.

No fair! That little girl taped to a chair isn't watching a preacher on TV.

Cheese grater slide......ouch !

Hey! That kid with the cigarette and beer looks like me at his age. My parents would have done that with Lucky Strikes or Pall Mall cigs.

Pabst? Or Miller Light?

Pabst or Schlitz. I'm an old fart. They didn't have light beer back then.

you are terrible

It's the kids fault

LOL Guwd gawd Dente - where do you get these pics from?

Blame Al Gore I finds them on his interwebs

i dont know if i wanna blame him or hug him.