I find this group very disturbing. Hating your own flesh and blood? That's sad and vile. I've read a lot of your stories and from my perspective, you all have raised little monsters. It's not the child's fault. Children need attention and love, which you parents lack of and they need guidance which obviously was never gave to them. So now they've turned into little hellions and you all are just making up excuses for yourselves. It's pretty clear to see you're all not great parents, you obviously gave no effort to your child if they turned out the way you describe them. Also, coming on here and complaining about how much you hate them? That's very immature. You people are heartless. I am 20 years old with a 3 1/2 and 11 month old boys, no matter what I'll love them unconditionally and I want to raise them the right way. Seeing these stories inspires me to be a better mother, you people should be ashamed. Hating your own flesh and blood.. Sickening really. Maybe family counseling or a group on here about misbehaved children or I'm a terrible parent could help you! Kids are what they see. Sadly you didn't let them see good, obviously. I shall pray for you people, very hard. This is a messed up and heartless group.
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go f yourself

Apparently you do not have a child with behavior issues. You must not have a child who has been diagnosed with a mental/emotional problem. My son is autistic and he is 4, yes he drives me crazy but I do love him. I hate being a parent at times but I do not hate my child. I never will. I am on here reading stories because I want to learn how not to be like other parents. Even though my son is developmentally delayed and have behavioral issues, every step I make matters, I have to take things in a whole different approach, it hurt to know that methods I used with my nieces/nephews do not work for my son. My son can be tall like his dad, 7'0 450lbs of terror if I do not get his behavior under control. It is a battle and there is no one out there who can really help because yes it starts at home. Not just proper discipline but proper love. You shouldn't be hard on these parents. We are human, we say we hate our child but we don't, these parents are still taking care of their children and striving to be better. It is life, once someone hurts you so much involuntarily or voluntarily, you get numb, it takes forgiveness and healing. Some of these kids do not know better and some of these kids know exactly what they are doing. Either way it is not entirely a parents fault. Especially when they do not know what to do. It is very hard to be honest about my sons behavior to medical professionals, it is like they think I want to drug my son when in all reality I want to be educated on his diagnosis and calling out for help. I hope that you will never experience the hardships of having a child that is consider mentally ill or anything in that nature. If you do, you will be the same hurting parent like these

Parents are whats wrong with the world not kids. And you sound like a great parent :)

Some came into this group on this site with the idea that it is intended to be supportive groups for like-minded individuals. Sometimes children turn out as bad seeds or go the wrong way despite the best parenting, so dont assume our children are abused, neglected, or ignored and that we are just lazy.<br />
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Let me ask you this, would you go into an alcoholics anonymous support group meeting and spout off at how disgusting alcoholics are, do you think u would be welcome?<br />
<br />
EP welcome message email indicates that <br />
they hope we find understanding people and that it is a safe haven for sharing; this is not a judging website it is a support website, so if you dont like it then create your own I hate the people that dont like their childten group.

If it bothers you so much then why would you even stick your nose in and read. Children can have adhd and oppositional defiance disorder through no fault of the parenting. Also, my sons father supposedly tells him to treat me badly and is a bully himself. According to the many books I have read about parenting strong willed and even oppositional children, it is normal to feel like one in that situation doesnt like their child. There were things I could have done better, no doubt, but it is very difficult for children to get used to the rules of different homes (ie. Dad and mom) especially when the parents cannot communicate well and arent on the same page. Oh, and one refuses to attend counseling. So, until u have been in our situations, keep your judgment to yourself, plz!

You can control your children, it is the parents fault with lack of communication and rules and control. Try giving them rules when they're like 4 and 5 years old, that'd help the lack of behavior issues. Maybe take them to church or a mommy and me morning out thing. You can control kids, you just have to do work and not lazy and laugh when your kid hits you with a bowl. Hating your children is no excuse. You should love them no matter what.

I agree!!

Lol, this group is just heartless.