I Feel You Guys

I thought i was the only one that felt this. My child is four and whilst i love him and what him i hate him soo much hes soo horrible and doesnt respect me or anything he own. He doesnt seem to appricate anything i do for him. He scream 'i hate you' at me all the time he glares at me evil and i just feel like punchin the **** out of him ! I try to do walk away wen he starts but he follows me and tell me im stupid. People dont understand hes the problem not me. Wen i dont have him i smile i laugh im happy as soon as hes with me an i see his angry glarin face i just wanna curl up and cry ive shown him nothing but love and the best side of life so i dont understand why he has learn this evil from its like he been posessed!! I hope he grows outnof bein soo evil . I tried not buyin him. Nice stuff not takin him to nice places but he doesnt care he will just tel me im stupid and he hates me and then smash up his stuff or hit himself in the head ive tried askin why he does it but he does answer just saays i dunno..
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

That's a behaviour I'm not used to see. When I was four, I had respect for my parents, and I feared doing something that pissed them off. Maybe punishing him by screaming a lot or hitting him in the butt would make him stop. I don't think you should punish him by not spending quality time with him. But that's just my thoughts, I'm clearly not an expert here.

Edit: I just noticed that this is from 2012... I hope you two are getting along now.

Maybe he hates you cos you hate him. He is 4.
Probably sensing you hate him in some way.