This Group Makes Me Sad.

If you have a reason to "hate" your kid, like if they beat up on you or steal from you, or wrong you in some kind of way, then I guess you have every right to.  But I have read some of these stories and I'm utterly disgusted.  One person said she hates her "colicy baby."  Well, give him up for adoption to a family that will actually give a crap about him, rather than saying you wished you'd had an abortion.  It is a total shame that God gives ungrateful, selfish people children when there are people out there who long for a child and can't get one.  A baby can't help he's colicy. 

Also, because your kid looks and/or acts like his father does not by any means give you the right to automatically hate them.  The child did not get to choose their paternity.  Jesus, my teenaged parents acted WAYYY more mature than the people in this group. 

Hating an adult child is one thing, because they're old enough to have put you through hell, like one guy I know who beats him mom physically.  But hating a child or baby is ridiculous.  They need and deserve love and affection.

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You do not have children lol I do not have my son and never will but hell yeah I hate being a parent sometimes, hell yeah I hate my life sometimes, these parents might be expressing themselves wrong but they do not hate their children, they love them, cloth them, feed them, and more. Just because the two or three or more don't get along do not mean anything. Hate is a strong word but once you read these people stories, your like yeah okay I can understand why you would feel like that. Others are just down right ridiculous, you shouldn't have kids, but to hear a colic baby screaming throughout the day, uh yeah itll drive you into insanity. If she said she wanted to kill her baby or beat it to death, yea call her evil then please

Have you ever thought for a moment that that mommy saying she hates her kid might be hurting very severely inside. I commend people for being honest about their feelings. And by the way, people get babies from sex, not God, you dumb ***. How many kids do you have anyway? I happen to have 7 and right now I hate my youngest. Is it his fault? No. But the feeling is still there. Why? because I have given every single breath of life that I have in me to this difficult child from the moment of conception. I am 42 years old and exhausted and depressed. I wanted to have an abortion, my husband didn't. I wish he had listened to me. Sorry if you don't like hearing this; but this is what some call "life". If you think its immature to hate your child, then quit reading this website you moron.

I totally understand this woman and I do not think anyone can judge until you have walked in their shoes. people who say that you horrible and "how can you feel this way", have no right to make a comment.
my son has almost put me in my grave. the problems, tantrum, stealing, lying, trying to throw me down the stairs, almost expelled from school 4 x and the list goes on.... I have got him therapy and myself, changed his diet, got him vitamins, mineral, medication, organised sports, put him in a school to assist him, I work long hours to give him the help he need.. he has all my time every evening and weekend... and yet, nothing changes... so yes, don't judge until you have been there.. I just want a little peace in this life that I have left!

My issues are with my 27yo daughter, who obviously I love as a mother, but over time, I have come to seriously dislike, and yes, sometimes hate, the person she has become. She has broken all of our hearts. It is why I joined this group.

As for using the word hate, I don't take use of the term in this group in the same way as I would take somebody saying something along the lines of...."I hate child murderers"

Honestly, I do HATE child murderers.

In the end, the fact remains, being a parent can sometimes turn out to be the most thankless of all jobs....particularly when your child grows up to become a self-entitled person who cares nothing for the rest of the family.....despite every best effort made to be there for them all throughout their young and adult lives..

It just sucks when this happens. *sigh*

I'm not sure how I ended up clicking on this group but your story was the one featured for it. I wonder if there is some postpartum depression going on in this group, but from what you've described here I'm not so sure. I guess I will read a few stories and try not to judge. Emphasis on try. I'm a mother and I could never even dream of hating him gosh I love him to death and would rip someone to pieces if they ever hurt him!

You probably have no idea what it's like to be a parent.

I don't have kids, but it's easy to see why one would feel pressured into having one. Our whole society is all about perpetuating the family unit (more tax payers) and women especially are looked down upon if they choose a role outside of motherhood. We also make motherhood into this glorious, triumphant achievement when it's really a big ball of **** wrapped with little moments of joy along the way. Most of it is exhausting, thankless, irritating, and frustrating. No one really says these things to people, and no one really counsels anyone about it. Most women I know with children either love them, but wish they had waited a lot longer to have them, or hate being mothers, regardless of how they feel about their kids. I don't think it's something to be ashamed of. It's a hard task to take on, and one that people lie to you about and tell you how wonderful it is and how great it is...but no one really ever tells you the hard truth about it.
And that's why women feel they need to keep these things in the dark. Because allah-buddha-god-krishnu-ra-zeus-fsm forbid that a woman feel anything but maternal in her own person. That's bs, and this post is utterly bs.

You raised some significant points.

It's easy for you to judge - you obviously don't have a colicky baby. These parents are frustrated in a society where it is just dead wrong to hate your own child. Nevertheless, the feelings creep up at the most dire moments when one feels they can't handle any more. This emotion gives them shame, deep sense of failure, and the longing for some joy back for all their hard work! Let them express their frustrations, here, without your judgement.

Also I have a big issue with the whole adoption thing.. I get that some women can't have kids or it takes them years to reproduce but I think that when they say "I can't have kids, so i'd like yours" is a mental disorder! If ya can't have kids then accept it and live your life accordingly. Yeah you could provide for a child prolly better than the natural parents but if you really cared then help out... to me it's like a man saying "oh, i wish you would have stuck with me so i could be there for you" why do they have to force themselves to be with someone to get help? its disgusting! and the same goes for adoptive parents... why should the natural parent give up their own children because someone else has more money and a bigger family? I believe in cps more than id do adoptive parents who cant have kids. Now if there are adoptive parents out there that can naturally concieve and choose to adopt kids in foster homes then kudos to you. A way to step up and take on responsibility but for those gay guys or lesbians or sad pathetic people who want something they can't have, shame on you! You obviously didn't deserve it in the first place!!!!

I feel this post is extremely ignorant and offensive. I wrote a response to it, but it was nasty and people who live in glass houses shouldn\'t throw stones.

I\'m just going to say I strongly disagree with this.

So what some women say they hate or dislike their children. If they're not doing anything to harm them because of their feeling towards them it is normal. Just as a person can hate someone else like their ex husband or ex boyfriend or old boss or sister, it doesn't matter what age they are! I have an 8yr old daughter and another one on the way and some days I can't freakin stand her! When she was between the ages of 4 and 5, I did hate her with all that I was but I never did anything to hurt her because of it. I was aware of my feelings and I felt bad like a lot of mothers do but as time passed the feelings of despise faded. It happens... at least some of us can admit it! Those that judge and criticize acting like your perfect have identity issues yourselves. You are too afraid of telling the truth about your feelings because society or just your group of people will look down on you. Society doesn't say whats normal and what isn't... I wouldn't even give a doctor the power to say that my kid has add or adhd with out exhausting every avenue first. The principle at one school suggested my daughter had adhd cause she didn't want to focus and had so much make up work... I transferred her schools and guess what!??? Her grades got better! Doctors are quick to say something is a problem even though there isn't one, and parents would want to turn to drugs cause they're too busy or unwilling to make the changes needed to fix a problem. I think a lot of kids behavior is because of the parents. I have a friend who's daughter is a devil spawn whom i'd love to smack around and guess what?? The mother (my friend) lets her get away with everything... all she does is ***** about how horrible she is but turns around and enables the behavior. I have distanced myself from her a lot and our kids are not allowed to play because of her parenting and her evil child (understatment) and then i have friends who discipline with positive reinforcement and their kids are well behaved. My daughter now can be a handfull yes but we have an amazing relationship and I love her to death! Sometimes we don't like eachother but it's normal. We are all human and have many emotions... it's the ones that don't realize their emotions you should be worried about. People need to grow up!

Judgmental idiots like you make me sick Have you ever though they might be depressed like post natal depression? a baby with collic is a nightmare, you hear screaming 24 hours a day you have no sleep to the point where you dont even have the will power to live. So maybe think about that before you start getting judgemental you ignorant jerk!


I totally agre I read this one story she said "Kids make me sick and I just want to bunch myself. I have two and I hAte myself because I didn't have a abortion. Don't judge me until u live in the projects with roaches and dirty neighbors and loud kids ******* in the elevators". I mean there are plenty of couples who can't have a child and would love to have them. If you hate your kid so much they probably don't like you much either it sickens me that this is going on

You are right, they need love and affection. However that has nothing to do with circumstances that people find themselves with. Some of us suffer from stress, medical conditions, or haven't been loved ourselves. Therefore are incapable of having emotional bonds with anyone, even babies. It does no good for you to criticize or parent us. Go to another group or try to help.

Sounds like you weren't ready when you decided to have that baby..

I actually don't hate this arena at all. If you're a loving person and parent, it puts you in a position to help. Some folks are misguided. Not sure what do to. Lost. Or just plain mentally ill. I try to offer positive advice that helps.

You people are ****** up ignorant selfish ********. Get help ITS NOT NORMAL TO FEEL THIS WAY. GO TALK TO SOMEONE AND QUICK.

Nope... disliking your child is one thing, HATING your child is wrong (in most circumstances). Nominate these ladies for worst parents of the year and hope they don't continue to reproduce.<br />
Hate breeds hate.

"Wrong"? Emotions don't know anything about right or wrong. You can't force yourself to love someone.

I agree completely, this group is utterly disgusting.<br />
And, even if your kid does steal from you and is troubled, that's still not even a reason to hate your kid. Once you become a parent you are making a promise to provide UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. <br />
Most of these people have psychological issues, such as narcissism. It's very sad.

Some kids are worse than others.<br />
Its a gamble.<br />
And some people have bad things happen to them and their families and the person who has a good life wouldn't understand.<br />
Its not hell on earth for everyone to have kids.

Hate is a strong word and I can bet a million bucks that I don't have, that 99.9% of the people who say they hate their kids, do not.<br />
They are frustrated, overwhelmed and venting.<br />
There is no excuse for abuse of any kind.<br />
But someone who expresses how they feel shouldn't be jumped on.<br />
Parenting a child who is belligerent with Behavorial issues is a NIGHTMARE.<br />
That child can make your life a living hell.<br />
As far as "hating" an innocent baby who can't help being colicky, well that's sad, but we all know about shaken baby syndrome. It probably happens because people get exhausted and want sleep and just want the baby to shut the hell up. If we feel beyond our wits end, get help. <br />
But sometimes the "help" doesn't even help us.

I don't judge any of you. I feel sorry for you because you didn't stop and actually think of what it would be like to have kids. When all my friends started having kids, I actually LISTENED to what they had to say. I did not have ONE friend that did not resent their kid and despise what their life had become. When ALL of them say to me "I love my kid, but if I have to do it all over again, I would not have had them" THAT speaks volumes to me. I knew I personally did not want to bring something into this world that I would resent til the end of my life. I can say I was one of the smart ones, I listened, I read between the lines and I made my choice to be child-free. Sorry you people made a bad decision, I do honestly feel sorry for you all, but I can't help but wonder - really, what did you THINK it was going to be like ??

I'm sorry to tell you, but there is NO AMOUNT of preparation when it comes to having 'kids'. It's all a game of Russian roulette. You don't know what kind of kids you're gonna have, or even if they'll have disabilities, which only add to the already mounting daily stress, especially if you're a single parent, which again, MOST don't ask to be. But things happen. It is what it is, so all you can do is make the best of it. No one should judge another person, especially if they're not the one living the nightmare or situation. I get really tired of soooo much unwarranted judgement and almost sense of superiority, if you will. And finally in the words of sweet and wise 'Forrest Gump's mom', 'life is like a box of chocolates, ya' never know whatchur gonna get'.

Why do people think putting a kid up for adoption is some kind of heavenly experience? Most kids DON'T get adopted. Most live their lives in many foster homes, a lot where they are neglected or abused, or they live in cramped, poorly funded orphanages. How is this better?

If this group makes you sad... why in the world would you visit this site? Unless it is to judge and therefore feel morally superior to others who are struggling with parenting.

Yes, thank you...RIGHT ON! My sentiments exactly. They need to take their 'holier than thou' attitudes and do some introspection, and worry about themselves, instead of trying to make others feel bad or inferior or guilty...for being an IMPERFECT human and parent.

I just wanna say my heart truly goes out to all the moms here, and I hold NO JUDGEMENT whatsoever, and I'm also REALLY DAMN sick of these 'holier than thou' types that feel so much more superior and self served by placing judgement on people without first 'walking in their shoes'. You really have nerve!!! We are human being, and not ALL of life is a bed of roses for everyone. Most are actually sad or angry or lonely or miserable or all of the above and more, and I admire that at least SOME are willing to voice the true and often ugly and painful parts of life. Thank you to all the brave and courageous. I too feel what you feel way too often. Single mom with two special needs kids, and me with my own problems to contend with on a daily basis as well. So, keep on sharing. And know that you're not alone.

I guess there's all kinds of people in the world! some that understand and some that don;t. people aren;t perfect - it would be nice if everyone could do the right thing all the time but how would we learn? just because people have rough beginnings doesn't mean that they'll turn out to be sociopathic criminals. the parents who use this forum are venting their frustrations so that it manifests less in their behavior with their kids- I'd rather use something like this to express my anger than take it out on my kids. what would scare me more than the thoughts and feelings expressed here are the people who are unaware of their rage, or can't articulate their needs and make their kids the target of their frustrations without realizing it- by expressing our feelings - it;s a step toward taking responsibility. <br />
<br />
you have no idea what others go through unless you take a walk in their shoes- you're judgement helps nothing! and only serves to make people feel worse than they already do - why would you look up posts like this anyway - so you can look for a reason to get down on people? what kind of person are you?

Amen, well said doll.

Dont worry about other people and how they judge. Judgemental people, they have got to be the dumbest, and dimest lit candles on the planet.<br />
<br />
Lets approach the hateful child syndrome from a practical standpoint. Lets face it, there are psycho paths out there, most of the people in jail have some form of it. Where did these people come from? they were children once. <br />
<br />
And its not your fault. People only talk about the nurture side of things, but rarely is genetics and nature discussed, mostly because there is nothing you can do about nature. <br />
<br />
I commend the people in this group for being able to be truthful. Truth and awareness is the first step to better situation. <br />
<br />
I know a lot of judgmental religious mothers out there, that can fathom the truth, so they live in la la land, while their psycho path sons are out there killing, maiming and raping. My ex mother in law, (who her son is now in jail), the signs were there all along. She REFUSED to beleive it, even called EVERYONE ELSE a liar about her sons psycho pathic behavior. <br />
<br />
Just imagine if she were truthful, and just admitted that her son was a psycho path. DNA runs deep. If she were at least truthful, she would not have had a major hand in enabling her son. <br />
<br />
Psychopath behavior can start at any age. In fact, my daughter, I know for a fact she is a psycho path. We dont let her get away with ANYTHING, and there are very strong cause/effect consequences in our house. I know she likes hurting people, and has penchant for violence and antagonism. We teach her, "we know you enjoy, blah blah blah, but you are going to have to learn how tame that feeling"<br />
<br />
Hey people are nasty people. They start out as kids. I commend every one here for being so honest. What are you supposed to say, "my kid is psycho path and he beats me, and I love him!!!" Hell no.. You are allowed to have your feelings, and dont let some judgmental Dbag judge you.

Here is what worked for me. If you hate your kid, then, let them know that. I was at my wits end with my kids, and I decided to not to care. Ended up being the best thing for them ever.

dear holier than thou types,<br />
please apply to be a foster parent for special needs children, take the classes and courses necessary to be one, then please return to this form and re-type any above entries. I promise your views shall change. If you are too young for that, which I am sure some of you are, try volunteering for the Special Olympics! Then I dare you, I triple dare you to type the same thing you did before. Of course, all of you that typed nonsupporting comments enjoy your leisurely life too much to do any of those, and that's why we mom's rock the house! We still parent our kids day in and day out and sacrifice our sanity to ensure they grown up to be adults. Our kids are still here, they are taken care of (and might i remind you the law does state what parent child care consists of and most of us fall with in those "rules and guidelines"). The mom's don't make sick here . . . YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I definitely agree.

I don't believe anyone truly "hates" their child, not even when they are stealing, lying, hitting or doing anything you may deem "hate worthy." But feeling frustrated or any other emotion is allowed, to feel it and then drop to your knees and beg forgiveness is a cop out, own how you feel so you can overcome it, don't feel it and ask for forgiveness, dropping to your knees isn't a "pass" for having the feeling. Honestly, who hasn't been so fed up they feel like they use these words and we tell them that the words is bad, and words do indeed hurt, but they are just words, to not utter how you are feeling and attempt to get support from others who might be feeling the same is the frankly...and again, they are just words I tell my kids not to use, but at the same time I acknowledge that sometimes they are shut up. I will ask God for forgiveness later and get my pass. Judging others makes me sick.

I've watched my daughter, now 15, break things, abuse her baby brothers and sisters when they were babies on up. Lie about me disrespect me and everyone pick her up from school weekly embarrass me non<x>stop destroy the lives of my 5 other kids and some snot nosed little bi**h is going to tell me I shouldn't hate this kid? She started like this at 1 yr old. Wtf? How? She was my princess, I never mistreated her. So screw anyone who says I don't have a right to hate my abuser and my other kids abuser just because she happens to be my 15 yr old daughter.

Though this is somewhat of a late reply, I couldn't help but comment on this. <br />
<br />
So you believe that unless your child does something horrible, it should somehow be impossible to hate them? You do realize that a biological/genetic tie isn't something tangible right? A child's personality isn't something you can influence fully and you quite simply don't have to get along with every individual you meet.<br />
<br />
But apparently according to you have to have serious reasons to hate your child. You do realize you can't predict whether or not your child will be the kind of person you can get along with right? Or should we call you selfish for disliking that one particular spoiled shallow and stupid barbie-doll like classmate of yours? Or the people that would frown down upon teenage parents?<br />
<br />
People clash, personalities clash, opinions clash. Grow up and get back from your idealistic dream-land and back into reality. Life is nowhere as simplistic or easy as you're suggesting and you're terribly naive for believing otherwise.

Until you carry a child for nine months and then push him/her through your vagina while being stretched out, torn and enduring the worst pain you'll ever feel in your life followed by post partum depression and a lack of sleep, a "colicky" baby that takes and takes and takes andns givesnothing in return might make you strongly dislike them for a time. So until you've been there, please don't write idiotic posts like this.

All of this just makes me cry and realize I'm ****** up in the head and need help..

Ame sister!

WOW I really dislike people like you! Can your tiny brain understand that perhaps these people come here to talk about their problems and find people that feel the same way so that they arent alone in their situations? You being a complete idiot, come along and think "Oh my god!!!! People that are different!!! I think ill make them feel even worse about themselves by leaving a stupid *** comment because i dont even understand what theyre going through!!". Stu-pid. I'm pleased to say i dont judge people like you do. I hope you have kids and you hate them.

yes i hate mine too coz she was unplanned for and is misery in my life. very disgusting and ashamed of her.teenange mom

says the teenage mum

yes i hate mine too coz she was unplanned for and is misery in my life. very disgusting and ashamed of her.teenange mom

yes i hate mine too coz she was unplanned for and is misery in my life. very disgusting and ashamed of her.teenange mom

You should be ashamed of yourself! Not of her! She didn't ask to be here. U layed your *** down in that bed and made her! U wanted to be grown and open ur legs now take care of that baby and love her! She is a blessing! God I hope Cps saves her from u. Y didn't u give her up

my 11 yr old has hit me called me out of my name, put holes in my walls. I don't want to say I hate her and times I feel like i just fall in love with her all over again like the day she was born, then she acts like she always does. My daughter has been a handful since she was about 1year old, and always thought she would out grow this behavior but she has just gotten worse. I really don't want to hate her but I do and I just want to be away from her, maybe giving her to the state would be the best answer because I don't know what else to do. The thought of her being in the house until she is 18 scares me if she is not in jail by then. Can kids be born bad? I wish I could find the answer to make things better.

my 11 yr old has hit me called me out of my name, put holes in my walls. I don't want to say I hate her and times I feel like i just fall in love with her all over again like the day she was born, then she acts like she always does. My daughter has been a handful since she was about 1year old, and always thought she would out grow this behavior but she has just gotten worse. I really don't want to hate her but I do and I just want to be away from her, maybe giving her to the state would be the best answer because I don't know what else to do. The thought of her being in the house until she is 18 scares me if she is not in jail by then. Can kids be born bad? I wish I could find the answer to make things better.

Even after my son pretty much stopped beating and kicking me I<br />
Still here living in his house as now he has all the money. I am 61 years old and he<br />
Makes me pay $1500 to basically rent a room and store the family's things which he uses in the cellar, I couldn't even afford a fridge for 5 months after I moved in and now he says I guess you aregoing to want a stove now most people use hot plates. He has totally pushed me into debt and I have no way of leaving as I haven't enough money or credit to do so, I sent him to private schools, took him to south America and Europe and provided him with money and everything he wanted. He has Asbergers a form of autism but ishigh functioning and is a registered nurse. I work. Six days a week and he maybe two days. I recently found out he had a fridge up in his area of the house and full well let my stuff go bad but he will use my stuff without hesitation. Like others said he is cruel, selfish and incapablr of empathy. I was coming in from the store with heavy cans and I asked him to help me and he motioned with his hand like go away and shut up. He often days one thing and days later says he never said thus and so and alludes to the fact I'm demented.he has a door where I can't go beyond but he can come and go anywhere. I use to have very enough money until he started beating on me when he was in high school and nursing school and now I literally have $200 left and bills and of course June I have to pay him another$1500. I can't believe he can watch me suffer so. I really understand when other people say they hate their kids. I literally did everything I could and now I have no teeth no strength and pretty soon no house because I can't go on working so hard like this. The adage life sucks and then you die is true, can't happen too soon,

I am really hurting now and being judged by someone who doesn't know their behind from a whole in the ground hurts. You have no right to judge people when you haven't walked in their shoes, You don't know their experiences. We are seeking help and just want for some to listen to us. Go and post on a self-righteous website; I'm sure you will feel right at home.

It is very easy to judge when ur a young person with no real life experience. Spend a day in my shoes with ADHD/austim spectrum boy. See how it is to live with someone who is cruel, selfish, incapable of any human empathy. Of course we mom's live in a love/hate relationship. We love our children. Is it not okay to hate our lives of lonliness and misery?

if you have a good reason to be in a room like this with this topic then good, whatever. but what you wrote made me feel disgusted. you have no idea what some of these people may be going through that they didn't even write.<br />
<br />
people have diseases and dont even know it. i think (having been there myself) that most of the people in here have PPD or some other certifiable illness! so go be a heartless jerk somewhere else.

I came here to read these stories out of desperation. When we say "I hate my kid" we really mean "I FEEL like I hate my kid." In reality, we love our children and that's why we're here: to talk about it and seek help. We know we are somewhat at flawed, and that's part of what makes us so angry. When we're angry with ourselves, we're angry at the world. You're hopeless without faith in yourself. Post-partum and other depression is very serious, it's real, and it doesn't go away without talking through it and knowing that you're not alone.

While you are totally entitled to having an opinion, we are too. And I'm not saying you can't share your opinion, but maybe if this group bothers you so much, you should try to avoid reading it. You're not helping anyone and you certainly aren't helping yourself by viewing material that upsets you. After all, you are as free to come and go on the web as the rest of us.

Urbrandofheroin? Interesting user name. How did you come up with that?<br />
<br />
Anyway, I think it's better to let those feelings out here than act on them. It's disappointing to us mom's when we have our first baby. We expect to feel flooded with love and companionship, and then there is a let down. It takes time to fall in love with your baby.

Yes, and this is what the real sad part is. People are so damaged themselves that they can't see what is going on in someone's life. They feel the need to judge so they can feel better about themselves. I understand what you are going through, because I went through (and still go through) these awful feelings. I have them towards everyone, not just my child. It must be perfect to be someone that gets to have everything taken care of for them while we suffer endlessly.

Compulsion,<br />
<br />
I've searched for a long time to find a group that would understand. This is not the type of thing that you announce to your friends, and I don't think that we can expect people who aren't in the situation to understand. They also have no right to judge, but people feel entitled to judge anyway it seems.<br />
<br />
For me, just to know that there are others who feel this way, helps me to cope. As you say, we have every right to feel what we feel. I'm not saying that i like the way that I feel, but it's there and I am being honest. I pray, and pray, and pray again to tell God how much I hate the way that I hate my kids. I don't even know anymore if God is real, and if He is, it seems like He is a sadistic SOB. The last thing that we need is more judgment. Do people cruise the net in search of people to criticize and judge?

I don't mean to be mean, but until you have been put into the situation, you have NO right to stand on your moral high horse and say these things. Easier said than done. I am pretty sure that most people on here don't hate their children, we hate the disease, actions, connection, etc. <br />
<br />
BTW, once you discover that the kid has a disease, people WILL NOT adopt. This is how selfish people are so you are most likely going to be stuck. It is not so easy to get a baby adopted who is sick or has any problem. <br />
<br />
I hope when you have kids, you keep up with your moral high ground. This will be the ultimate test. I really don't have too much patience for insensitive, generic, and uncaring person that you are really portraying yourself to be ( I could be wrong, but I don't think so!). Was giving your opinion worth it in this case? I hope it was, but I have a feeling that a lot MORE people are going to be upset when they see this story then people who will jump on your self-righteous bandwagon.<br />
<br />
All I am asking is to put yourself in our shoes for a minute and realize how much this hurts us instead of judging us. Another thing, I feel that we are WAYYY more mature than your teenaged parents because we are at least emotionally honest enough to express how we feel. <br />
<br />
Again, I don't think these feelings are great to have, but feelings are feelings....we can't control them like a thought. It is not the child's fault in some cases, but in some cases, it isn't our fault either. Other elements can cause problems and make it hard to handle.<br />
<br />
Even my therapist told me so. :)<br />
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Please don't take offense to anything I said. I am just trying to give you another point of view, I have had some of those feelings towards my parents, family, and yes my own child. We should not let those feelings get in the way of parenting. However, we have every right to feel the way we do!

Thats so well said... When my child was born i was like too sensitive towards him, i would keep an eye on the nurse when she was handling him, i was so caring, swwet thought going through my mind when he will start walking.. And specially talking but seems like i will always long for his speech, he is 4 and no words at all, its autism... I am going through day to day challanges, rvery day is a struggle with him , at the kinder, childcare, shopping centre, ... I don't remember when was the last time i smiled at him... He is like an object in my life, like a timebomb , that will explode in a social gathering, leaving me with feelings of embarassment, and i hate myself more than him, for giving birth to him...