I Hate My Child Hood And I Was Deprived

i hate my childhood. i was quiet and very scared of people. it doesn't help that my mother always put me down. i don't have much friends. i was lonely. i often cry myself to sleep. i was passive as a person and my mother would scold me for being like other kids. but i don't understand my mother. i do well in my studies and ever top in my class. but my mother don't seem proud of that. she wants me to do household chores and she wants it to be done her way. only her way. i dislike being shouted and insulted by her. she was my only rolemodel and i feel anxious all the time because i cannot meet her expectations... i hate my mother! she would look at me in disgust. i envy those who have great childhood. right now i am still not happy with my life. :(
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thanks, genextbrite. :)

I sympathize wid u dear;..Lucky are those who get whatever they want in lyf. <br />
Well in my case I hv blessed parents bt only dat I'm the one who sucks ,I cud nevr make my parents happy or proud. I hate myself for dat.