Got Kicked Out Of One Class And Put Into Another.

okay, i have been through this before and i knew this would happen to me. the one thing i hate about being in school is how disorganised the teachers can be. I was enrolled in a class which had lots of my friends and hot females in the class. i was enjoying it there because i was making friends in that class. but for some reason they ****** up their timetable and had to move students here and there and now they moved into another class which i'll probably hate, because i dont anyone in that class and they made me team up with some random to do a project on. i dont even know this guy and in the other class i teamed up with my friends to do the project. and the class is in a different room, and its a seedy room too, with no space. i hate being moved around and i like being in one place. plus i have no friends in this new class i;m in, i hate school, i hate it with a passion.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
Feb 28, 2010