The Three Little Demons

     Once when I was in third grade, there were these three little demons. Unfortunately, I had to sit with all of them at least TWICE (I'm not sure if the teacher did that on purpose or what). One was J (I'm not giving full names just because). He'd tell on you for defending yourself when he started talking bull crap. But the worst thing of all is, he did ALL OF THE SAME THINGS HE'D TELL ON YOU FOR! Now, I'm the type who likes to defend myself before telling the teacher (the teachers at my school HATE tattling... but who doesn't?) But one time, he nearly made me cry.  My beloved pet  fish I had for over a year or two died the night before, and I hoped and prayed he wouldn't bother me on this tragic day. But guess what? He was going on with his crap, I defended myself, aaaand he was like "*yaddayaddayadda*...And your FISHY DIED!" Needless to say, I got an apology and he changed his color (that's the disipline in our class, along with missing time in recess by standing on a line, and writing your name 100 times).
     The next demon was K (I was in a class with his twin brother, too. I'm not sure which was more annoying). He ALWAYS got into your buisness, but whenever you told him something while he was in a conversation, he is always like "DAT'S NUN OF YER BUZNESS!" (Retarded typing for effect.) He loves to get people in trouble and never does what the teacher says. Not to mention, he'll always have his stuff spread out on others' desks.
     The last demon is N. I sat with N and K at the same table once, I'm not sure how I lived. N loves to pull little tricks, like joining a club of yours only to pick out one little thing he doesn't like and quits to get you angry. He likes to do that when he invites you into his clubs too. Once, he invited me into a little band of his, only to kick me out and CONTUALLY TALK ABOUT IT and then the next day he says he has no band and was testing me. (He kicked me out because I wasn't "rockstar enough" -AKA always getting in trouble-, and because he didn't like my band member nickname.) Aaand he always compared me to himself, saying I was boring and a "Greedy Miss-Perfect Brat".
     That concludes my story, folks. Be safe when it comes to extremely hateable classmates, and goodnight!
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Dude, how u survived? o.Õ