No Respect

I'm not sure I've ever been around such a sad, pathetic, immature group of people. Not even in college. If someone's having a bad day, man you know about it. I might as well work at a pet store, with all these cats showing their claws.

The management is no better. They play favorites and are very rude to the newcomers, which to me seems counterproductive, because if people feel they are not treated nicely, they are going to leave and there will never be experienced people. What is worse than the management is the temporary management who think that this is their store and they own the place, and God forbid, we do anything differently.

I try to be nice and get along with people. I really do. I try to just do my job like I'm supposed to and ignore everyone else. That doesn't seem to work either.
LimeGreenGirl LimeGreenGirl
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 22, 2011

You must be frustrated beyond bearing. It is discouraging when you try to do your best and all you get in return is rudeness and excessive, undue criticism. You hit the nail on the head when you said that catty women are unhappy, immature, pathetic people. The management people you described are not showing good leadership skills. True leaders want everyone to get along and work together for the good of the team/company/organization. The want to bring out the best in less experienced workers and help them to develop themselves and be the best they can be. These people you described are just jerks who are on a power trip and enjoy throwing their weight around. You're right; it is counterproductive to behave this way. There are likely a lot of good people who are driven away because the the hostile environment and the jerks in charge. I've found that women are often hostile to newcomers or anyone who is "different". It's stupid and childish, but it happens. What's sad is that you probably have a lot to offer but may end up leaving due to hostile conditions. Sometimes it seems that junior high never ends. "Adults" can be just as bad or worse. Hang in there, but don't tolerate any outright abuse. Take care.