Shady People

Every job I end up with theres always one shady *** person I have to deal with after another and it turns into a full time adult babysitting service instead of what I was hired for. I am honestly a hard worker that just wants to sit and do my work and work hard, but I find most jobs are just me having to deal with a bunch of drama and its really wearing me down after 15 years of it. I don't know if I can do one more office job in the industry that I work in....its a very backstabby my new current assignment my employer lied to me about my hours and duties so Im currently assigned to someone who talks to me like Im strait out of school and down to me all day long- his personal assistant which isn't my job title. I basically deal with difficult bs all day and chronic filling out of my timesheet since Im clocked every second of the day and do one liner changes from a million different jobs/emails at a time. BTW Im a graphic designer for a living, but it sure doesn't seem like it at this new job. Im an aspiring artist- which at this point seems like that dream is never going to happen. Im currently looking for some other core job where I can be happy and not aggravated 8 hours a day.  It'd be nice to do something that would help people...Im considering being a fitness trainer.  Thanks for listening.
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

yes being sucked out it can feel like that, its a reminder to find ways to refresh revitalise and discover whats possible.,In the job or beyond the job.
Maybe youll need to look elsewhere, but before you do, consider. what you have achieved and still can,. Theres usually some new aspect of interest to emerge which can give you hope.

consider why you took the job in the first place and how did it live up to your expectations and where its not then could it? what would it take to get where you want to be?

Don't stay in a job that sucks your will to live. I have stayed at too many jobs and was unhappy for way too long. Sounds like a crappy deal at that place. I wish you the best of luck in finding something that does make you happy.

try finding some dramas which interest you, look for aspects of the drama which give you hope for improvement and turn around. begin looking differently, it comes with practice, bring some joy... now you might be thinking this is easy to say..that youre feeling unappreciated, maybe, maybe you are, beginning to appreciate how to change your capacity and discover new ways to think about your experiences... hey i could become and agony aunt, and develop a community of baby sitters for joy, while im sitting use my thoughts to create community