I'd Take a Block Splitter to the Thing If I Could

My computer. Where do I begin?  It's been a pain in the arse for a while; it crashes for no reason, is unable to do simple things like go on the Internet without chucking a fit, crashes on my favourite games etc.  Well it died, in a way a few weeks ago, turns out I had some kind of Microsoft virus that comes in with the automatic updates.  So i had that removed and lo and behold it's still running like ****.  I shouldn't be surprised. It's only 14 months old and the hard drive has died once, the graphics card is almost gone the thing is useless.  And I'm too poor to get a new one.  I've only ever had 2 jobs in my life which is pretty pathetic, but that's me. Pathetic.  I spend my days sitting around the house waiting to die.  I've never done anything in my life.  Never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) never been kissed. never traveled nothing.  I am an oxygen vacuum, sucking up valuable air other more worthwhile people could be using.  If I wasn't so scared of what comes after death, i think I would kill myself rather than live such a useless life.  Even my computer would rather **** itself and die rather than let me use it.  Now I'm sitting her at it, loathing it, and wishing I could just hack into it with a block splitter.  I wish... no there's no point in wishing. I hate my computer.  How pathetic am I?
DarkPhoenix DarkPhoenix
31-35, F
Jun 19, 2007