I Hate My Country! I Hate Israel!

i just hate israel! israel is the most teriblle place on earth no matter where you live you dont know how it is to be afraid to go anywhere! every month people attacking as and you hear the alarm and run to a shelter! so yeah i hate my country and i hate the fact that i'm jew! trust me if i could choose my life i would live in the USA and Christian! i'm scared go to sleep, i want to be an actress when i grow up. i want to live in amrica and i will do EVERYTHING to make that hapend! EVERYTHING! in israel you must serve in the army and i'm scared my brother is in the army and every day i pray and hope he is ok. please i know that people hate jews but belive me i don't want to be one of them! and Sorry if I have spelling mistakes.
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I love Jews, i am American and though you are going through a lot right now, the Jews are a favorable people to God which explains the suffering. If u were an American Christian u would understand it is better to suffer for his namesake and to be one oof His.

Why do you hate your own race? If I were you,I should be proud to be an Israeli. It's such a gift.
You know, you may not realize that there are many people in the world who are not born as Israeli but so admire your country (Like me..). I'm a Christian Gentile who live in one of the largest Muslim country in the globe. For me, to be able to go to Israel is not so easy because my country has rejected any diplomatic relation with Israel (no at all..). So it would be difficult for me to visit Israel. :(
My country doesn't apply the conscription to serve on the army.. That's why many of the young people in my country don't respect the struggle of my nation founders against colonialism. Serving on the army is such a great honor. You may be worried, but it would be more painful to see our homeland taken over by another nation.

Religion is not a race. I was raised protestant but realised it was a kak around 13 and I am no longer a protestant. Also the Isreali government is one of the most evil and sickening malitias in history

Now can you see that israel is a bad place to live?!?!?!
I live in the south of israel and i'm scared to get out because of the siren!
The israeli government decided to attack Gaza and the citizens get hurt.
You can't understand me cause you're never lived here. You don't know how it is like when you here a siren.
Hamas said his going to do terrorist attacks and that freak me out because it's happend before and the government didn't do anything.
I understand you but it's hard for me to belive that I live in a good country :(