Dating In America: Sterotypes, Pigeonholes, Pigeonholes, Cliques, And War

The miltiary" the lynchpin cornerstone of the patriarchy.

I see how it is. Ep can all flame me for this. I'm willing to take the heat for saying this is a nasty mean spirited way but I can see how it is.

I try to be the nicest person i can possibly be. I don't even expect **** in kind but my own lesbian friends will support me on this

[4:25:48 PM] Arenae: I just pictured all the thugheads that went to war and all the leftovers that stayed behind and never really got to breed unless they could prove that they supported their country..

[4:26:04 PM] Arenae: and the unempathic spawn that came out of those generations as a result

[4:26:30 PM] Arenae: then it explains women going for jerks

[4:26:34 PM] Arenae: or tough dudes

[4:26:56 PM] Arenae: its sick

[4:27:48 PM] Arenae: not just usa

[4:27:53 PM] Arenae: many other countries

[4:29:57 PM] Arenae: both sides of my family HOWEVER couldn't go to war..

[4:30:04 PM] Arenae: due to diabetes etc etc

[4:30:41 PM] Arenae: or being too young at the time or too old

these women in this country have had a way of forcing our young men to support the wars by using sex as a weapon. IF you're a soldier YOU PROBABLY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. If you're not? Be prepared fo ra whole lot of rejection for not being a "tough" guy.

and you heard it first from an actual woman who DOESN'T support your ****!

Nevermind the massive **** of women who will look at what BANDS you're into and judge you for that like that PIGEONHOLES you and renders you "unable to apperciate" their music

or their books, you didn't read te same books or  watch the same movies

I can see how it is. the big massive assumptions that are made about me because i'm kind for instance feeling that on the other end of things I don't have a backbone I don't get angry and I Can't stand up for myself

Oh and if I like THAT band i'm unfuckworthy. Even if  I like WAY harder **** than you.

I know this is nasty coming out of a male ally feminist but holy **** WAKE UP.

When did ROMANCE become LUST just because some men treated women like objects so they decided "**** it! let's just have fun!" and WHY punish the dudes who were TRYING to be considerate and considredt hings like taking you home in the rain and buying flowers and writing poetry for you to be romance 

when people use the word "Romance"t hese days they mean Johnny Depp "Bad boy" ******* lust. YOU ARE SELLING YOURSELF SHORT WOMEN!

Not what I mean. Color me waxing a bit disilussion but I don't hate women. I am starting to hate PEOPLE.

how can so many people be bigoted ***** or be pressrued into bigotry and spitefulnesss and why do people give up on theri dreams so easily?

can I get a **** you to the military establishment and the miltiary industrial complex? Yeah. You've never done ANYTHING for me. not relaly. you THINK yo have.
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Dude--people in general leave a lot to be desired. i admire your tone on romance and life--i think i share it. There's so much beauty in sex/romance and so many flowers and possibilities around us--every day. i think i went through the same thing you're going through now--i decided that i would just do the best i can and make the most of my circumstances--that I wasn't going to find a lot of intelligent people--perhaps not even one--but the world is the world--"be not of this world" Christ said. Pretty smart huh? I haven't lost hope--just be and do the best you can and perhaps you will inspire someone.