I Want To Change The Group Logo

US flag should not be burned

western countries are blessed with freedom

I'm going through hell because women are not allowed to drive & they need a male relative in almost everything they do

too much life opportunities lost :(
I feel like i'm in jail
I can't have fun I can't continue my study abroad I can't go to work

hell..i even can't go for a walk alone :/
because it is not safe for a girl to walk alone "mom says" :/
well..she is kind of right ..most of our men are ....I'm not sure what is the best word to describe them
maybe animals! (it won't be fair for animals ..but whatever!)

the things they do are in the name of their religion (i mean driving..not letting women to decide their own life)
well..you & your religion are suck

I hate the country ..i hate religions I hate my life
i hate everything

anyone doesn't like what i just wrote
you know your way out of my story .. no need for mean comments
I already been through enough!
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6 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I think so. This Logo must be change by things like north korean

why north korea??

see we should respect every nations....no need to use any nation's flag

Be strong! That's the only thing you can do. I live in a crappy country as well, but when I think about your situation, maybe it's not so bad...at least we have freedom. But I'm always ashamed to tell people where I'm from. When people from my country travel, they get beaten if someone finds out where they're from. Not fair at all. If some people here are retarded, we all have to suffer...

*hugs you* let's be strong together!

That's too un fair for you :/ I hope it gets better somehow. Am I allowed to make prayers for you to find peace? I know you don't believe in God anymore but it doesn't matter, you still deserve to be treated with full respect! I am mature enough to tell that even Quran disagrees with those sick bastards! To me they are a bunch of ********.. like you said the word animals isn't enough!!
I wish there's more I could do. *hugs*

my dear sister >> *dying*...... I'm going through HELL too over here....omg! sometime i get so disparate that i end up thinking that death is the answer to our miserable lives!!! WTF? i kowwww! i think brian washed people here are lucky for not realizing how much they're missing a lot in life!!! i swear we are dying slowly over here and it really ****** me off 3

010 you K.S.A........

Sounds like someone over there needs a decent friend.

I am for action rather than inaction....I hope you can find like minded people in your country who can voice out their wishes for reforms! Never loose hope...