My Country Is A Field Of Dead Dreams...

With unemployment rates at above 50% and the taxes running up like crazy, young people in my country have no hope, no future, no dreams, no present. I hate it, I wish to leave it and the only thing keeping me back is my family....I wish I could leave....
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

As always, the young people are the essence of hope. If they manage to stay uncorrupted future will be better. But we need many uncorrupted people with integrity, social conscience and will to do good.

People work as a community to share and help

Except that your countries unemployment is higher than ours...the rest here in the US is the I agree.

you're talking about Saudi Arabia right ? *cryinggggg* i HATE being part of it too *dying* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I'm talking about Greece. Are things the same there? I sympathize my friend. I keep wondering when it's going to end.