My Dear Country

my dear country where women get punished if they got raped
where women can't keep their children if they had divorce..especially if the child gender is female (females should be with their fathers)

women can't drive cars ..there fore they find trouble having or keeping their jobs
and every move they make there should be a male relative to decide for them whether they should do this or that
....and the list of the injustice goes on & on
all that in the name of the religion

all what i know is i'm not staying here
i'm leaving ..dead or alive I don't care how i'm going to leave I'm just leaving

congrats for the women in my country who got their brain washed & like the sh!t they live in
or maybe they deny there is something wrong because they afraid to talk

but still ..i rather see the bitter truth than being blind & happy!

the way i see it in this case suicide is a must

if anyone doesn't like what i wrote just leave the story need for mean comments
I already been through enough!
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I am a former orthodox Jew, however I once visited a Kosher abattoir, immediately I became vegetarian, and a convinced, unashamed, Atheist. Religion is at the root of all intolerance, we must not be afraid and confront all this superstitious oppression. You and your sisters have to fight this misogyny.

I find the question, 'Why do all tall religious buildings have lightening conductors?' Usually shuts the zealots up.

thanks for sharing this story and your feelings its completely true i hope u have made it out of this country or u have already left this place.. keep already strong for speaking your mind and your true words. god with you take care

God i know exactly what you're talking about *cryingggggg* i ******* HATE my stupid country so baaaad !!!!!! we are dying SLOWLY over here go damn it !!! we are missing out A LOT in life !! it really ****** me off to live in this agony. it is NOT fair to live like we're in the .......... i dont know wtf that is!! not ever in ancient history missioned something similar to this shittttttt *dying SLOWLY* i swear to god we can't even minion the damn ****** up country's name, wtfffff! we need to be saved for God sakes *pissed off (big time)*. I'm gonna LEAVE this country some day *hope its soon*, throw the god damn passport, and start a NEW life!!!! GOD SAVE US, FAST!!!