i never imagined that there ll be a day when i ll say those words "i hate my country "
my country had a great history of peaceful and powerful people , they unified nations and known science before the west , my country has a nice natural spaces ,BUT
people are leaving in poverty , corruption , and still under control of colonialism , i m writting with tears in my eyes while im thinking that i would take any nationality of any country that respect its people and give them their rights , a country with people who use mind ,and love working for their home ,a country not like Morocco my home

i sigh ....... how the future gonna be ,nobody knows
Moonthesolitary Moonthesolitary
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50 % of County are like this only.

Well I neither hate or love my country , I'm not patriotic ..Anyways I met such a great people from Morocco :)

where r u from


welcome >


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so sorry never been there so I don't know how it is but most country's have issues I'm from USA but hear were free to say what we like

You are right but I've visited it like 10 times and I must say the evolution is just amazing. in such a few years so many things have changed for the better. I've many friends there. lovely people. the thing that bothers me most is how they treat women

where r u from btw

does it matter?

yep xd

I don't want to say here. pm if you want

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what country is that?

does it really matter


well im from morocco

lovely country. went there many times =)

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People don't need money because it is a made up thing, they just need to work together to deal with stupid issues

Been tried before, it doesn't work

Just #listen to #johnlennon #imagine #lyrics there shouldn't be countries or borders, government or money, "GREED OR HUNGER" at the expense of #innocentpeople to evil idiots ruining life for everyone

that's so sad......things around you just sound like my country, Pakistan - its just that we have a lot of bomb blasts here as well :(

i know , same stuff

every country has their own problems .. and i know how you feel about your country, we face the same issues here, it's been years, and nothing has changed regarding our situation, nor it will ever happen .. with all its negatives, i still love my country, Lebanon .. we're kinda neighbors lol

thats right we r all on the same both , as long as there is peace its alright

true, but we aren't really at peace though .. lots of other issues too .. but yea we still survive, and live each day to the fullest, and try to make the best of it

Every does

every does?

Every country is effed up

yup i agree lol

We don't need secretive government organizations to baby us and take our candy, we just gotta work with ourselves, within our community, and behind as one whole

Oops beyond

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Moonthesolitary, you have an intriguing way of expressing yourself and I really enjoy reading what you write. I hope you will write more.

thank u thats so sweet ^^

All countries have their own problems.. but here in Canada the life style is good and it is for the most part a fair country.


Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful soul :)

i only express my true feelings

And they're beautiful...its people like you who make me believe in humans...


#forsure :-)

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:) lets be friends ok ?

*it basically means that the people are being irrisponsible and not taking action for what they truly want* ^.^ I'm saying we have the resources and money.. Just that its being used or stored away for stupid reasons that don't suit anyone

thank u <3

Yeah for killing people and doing BS to them

So what country do you live in?


Daba dertilna ghir lferta ossaf ... machi kolchi khayeb !!

ana bash katbet hna kent f wahd lhala 5ayba bezzaf , o lwa9i3 mashi ferta kolshi 3arf hadshi

oui 3ndek lhe9 fdakchi kaml li guelti, walakin l3dyan baghyin ghir itchefaw, kayen dowal li mkefssa 3lihom kter mena wakha dakchi kay chekro frasshom f les forums... bhal missr, o jiran li hdana nit..

ana 3arfa belli jiran 3ajbhom hadshi , fayt liya tla9it wehda b9at katshker fiya , ana madertsh hadshi 3la 9bel shi hed ana hna bash ngol dakshi li f9elbi oblama nfeker f tahaja ila 9riti mazal f my stories ghadi tfhem

The future is always bright for who fights for it!be brave!

#hope #comestrue

Thats in all the existing states dnt knw abt I state though.

i think most of Arabian countries like that.. i am Arabian by the way

it must be hard to deal with

I know that there have been a lot of social programs put in place in the last decade....but what the people really need are jobs, jobs that pay a decent wage and pay on time. Too much corruption in Morocco, I saw it with my own eyes in various areas (airport, museum, police, etc) and greed is fueling the corruption, it seems when someone has money they want even more. Sad it is that way. There are good, hard-working people in Morocco, especially family women who get little credit because many are at home taking care of the home and family and entertaining guests. I also witnessed the demonstrations that university graduates staged every day in Rabat. Police with clubs running after them and I was warned not to take photos. Yes, Morocco has a lot of natural beauty and potential to be a great country but until the corruption is under control that won't happen. The Transparency laws are just a challenge for the corrupt to be even slicker with their methods of corruption.

well said my dear , and its cool that u saw with ur own eyes , none understand me when i talk about these things , they think im just another whiner ,i really appreciate your opinion

I could add a lot more about what is going on there but will keep quiet for your sake, some things cannot be said there without causing deep trouble.

maybe id like to hear more of u

You are a Moroccan.. Hmm I had a friend from there... He died. :(