I hate living in this country so bad sometimes i just want to run to the airport and jump on the first plane!!

ever since about 2 years ago i have realised how little i want to be here.

i am always listening to music in spanish and it just reminds me how little i want to be here. I have always been a dreamer.. but lately i have been dreaming of life in a differnt country .. it isnt because of the sun its because of the life style , culture and language ..... england has no culture really and it is so dull !!

JordannMarie JordannMarie
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Then why the F...K don't you dumb F...ks take back your country, your beliefs and your freedom.
Because you are all dumbed down, and simply follow the flow. Exactly what your leaders want you to do. You conform to all their demands and wishes. And they are all laughing at you. Because you do. Without any protest at all.
As for leaving....where would you go? Thanks to Brit, and the USA, it s...ks everywhere. Freedom does not exist anywhere.
Jordann, you are a beautiful person, trapped under ugly ruling.

Same I hate it here read my last story and ul see why x

i know England has become a surveillance state, it saddens me that i have nothing unless i comply

I live in the USA and have lived and worked in London for extended amounts of time. Trust me it is much better there... The USA is no place to call home unless you want to give 1/3 of all of your earnings to your lazy neighbor who sits at home all day. If you want a taste of American life just cash your paycheck, then throw 1/3 of it in the trash... that is what our government does for us.

You are so right.

So marie, U are from england. hmmm seems to me that you love Spain more. How about some Asian country, like Indonesia perhaps?