My Cousins Are From Hell!!

My cousins are complete and utter idiots and thats putting it nicely!! Well my male cousins are VERY annoying to the point where i dont even WANT to add them on Facebook and even MSN messenger! They're SOO dumb! Does it hurt to be civil to people??? Seriously! I dont even start a conversation with them because they might be in the mood where they want to fight! I dont WANT TO FIGHT! I'm SICK of fighting!  I just wish they were'nt a part of my family! That I didn't have anything to do with them! People say you like your maternal side more but even my maternal side is veryyyy annoying because they're young and ones on this side are really very mean! They say things that aren't at all appropriate! I mean why would you call someone a really bad word for no reason whatsoever! But this is just over the internet ! They wouldn't dare saying anything to me face-to-face! I think the best thing is to just avoid them! For my own mental peace! I dont care if anyone thinks i'm antisocail! Why should i hang out with people who are boring, mean spirited and have learned alot of swear words and use them very liberally!  I think people like that are crap! Unfortunately i'm related to them...!
They cant even talk a joke! I made a family and my cousin (girl )  just for fun added there kids with weird names ( they dont have kids by the way ) and my cousin the idiot told my other cousin that check out your new family! And when he saw it he said i'm deleting everything which is fine but then he threatened to delete the whole tree! I told him to hold it right there and he had no right to butt in where he wasn't wanted and then i struck him off the family tree...just to relieve MY anger! It wasn't i REALLY struck him off! I wish i could! Life would be sooo much better! Well anyway thats my story!
MORAL: Cousins are from hell, I'm from heaven! :)

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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Well..! They are indeed from bloody hell! Just ignore them, don't give a **** about them and be sure to take control of things amogst you and those idiots. This situation is kinda something though, the are still familly, you know what I mean :D but yeah that's not always the key to good relationships. Anyway. Good luck with this, bro.