I Feel Like I Only Realy Have One Cousin

I dislike my cousins now... my older cousins are a deep disappointment to me and very rude and sexually abusive.

my younger cousins I had more to do with and got on better with them... but it was Robert who was there for me when all my

other cousins were rude to me and insulting. that says something!!! I canĀ  talk to robert about many things that I don't and can't talk

about with any of my other cousins. I don't really wish to know my relatives at all now as they abused and walked over me for the last time!

I spent a lot of time looking after my younger cousins in my teens and twenties taking them places that my older cousins never did for me

I always vowed that I would never shut them out the way my older cousins did to us....
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Apr 24, 2011