I hate my cousins. Not all of them, just these two. I used to be good friends with them, we used to be like brothers, although they were also very annoying at that time I used top always fight with them but we always stayed together. Now, they come to my house every single day, it getting really annoying. They come and go to the tv room where I like to stay, although there are many TVs in they put on disney channel, I can't stand their stupid shows. And I can't change. They are leeching off us, we are rich, they are not, they have money but not as much.they come for tv, free food, to annoy us, and for free Internet, and to use whatever things we have that they don't. Whenever they want to use my iPad they don't ask me if they can. They just take it, I put a password, now they come ask me what is the password not wether they can use it. They are 12 and 8 years old. I am 14.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2011

Omydays I feel sorry for you :)