My Cousin Is Ssoooooooooooo Annoying!!!!

I have a cousin a cousin named Timothy that is 7 years old that i HATE. People say that HATE is a strong word, but when i say hate i am meaning 100% of it. I would love If my cousin Timothy NEVER EXISTED! He comes every weekend, the only time i get a break off from annoying people at school. He ruins every weekend i have making me miserable. Why Did this Happen to me?! I was outside sitting with my cousin Alaina That I actually do like and me and her were about to go over to my moms and My cousin Timothy started saying that we had to stay over here and play with him! He acts like he is the boss of everything and his Dad is the same way. His Dad lets him do whatever he wants! My cousin Alaina and I started to leave and he started crying like a little baby and went and told my mom a completely different story that never happend! Now me And my cousin have to stay over at my boring grandmas house instead of going to my moms house! This is not the only thing that's happend there's LOTS LOTS LOTS and LOTS of things! Nobody understands how me and my cousin Alaina Feel About him! NOBODY! I GUARANTEE THAT ME AND MY COUSIN ALAINA'S LIFE WOULD'VE BEEN 3,00000000000 TIMES BETTER IF HE NEVER EXISTED!
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2 Responses Mar 25, 2012

Trust me I do, I have a freaking 11 year old cousin (I'm 11 to)
But she annoys the hell out of me. My 11 year old cousin is always following me and I never get to relax because they have to come over every weekend so I have to deal with my 11 year old cousin AND my 7 year old cousin crying because there wasn't any good cereal. HELP ME!!! :'(

I know how you feel my cousin is 7 years old too and he make little stupid noises and it is soooooooooooooooo annoying I ask him to stop nicely its not just once or twice or five times its probley more than seven times even more than TEN times somtimes and he wipes his spit on me in the car so i cant get away and he wont stop my mom or uncle wont do anything,and the worst part i get in troble for what he dose to me my mom says"he's only 7 years old you need to be nice to him he looks up to you,dont have such an aditued"