My Mean Cousin

This is my first story. I actually joined this site just to write it. Here we go, my cousin is a jerk. He is actually my uncle, but he's a year younger than me and i'm 14 so... yeah. He cusses in front of my 5 yr old bro and my 2 yr old sis and he beats me up, 'cause he's stronger than me, and he insults me, and is just a jerk. He knows i have anger management problems so he likes to see just how far my feelings will go before i explode. He has just embarrassed me in front of my brother, who looks up to me, and I'm just so frustrated. I'm glad this site iz here, because i can finally talk to people anonymously and not have to worry.
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1 Response Jul 2, 2012

How is that working out? Have your parents been able to step in and help you with him?

I stood up to him and now, well, I found out he wasn't as strong as I thought he was.

Good for you.