Spoiled Spoiled :/

Wow my cousin i used to look up to her kinda. I mean she was not the smartest person, nicest, or social person but she was like a sister to me till the beginning of thing year and ending of last year :/ just because her parents got divorced when she was younger. but her dad pays for child support and her mother (my aunt) does nothing but treat her like a little baby and just give her what she wants.i do not now about now but i guess she must be getting more money since she has done a lot a lot of shopping and traveling now! she treats me and some of her friends like crap! but before she was nice and all that junk but know since she has been hanging out with this girl ___ yeah she has totally changed treating people like crap and saying mean things about then and going to their work place and tormenting thing how cruel! i lived with her and her mom for a while to attend college because i like far from the college. My cousin who is like gonna be 20 soon has never had to do a responsible thing in her life she has never had a job or even knows really how to take care of herself and her current friends suck and they are just cruel and evil people! so whatevz she can do what she likes and say all that she wants now. it does not matter we are still family but she is dead to me that will never change no matter how think blood is :/
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LOL! Your pigeon is excellent! any ways, i can totally relate to u. i too hate my cousins when they are spoiled, and mean. One of them graduated from Punahou and pretty much gets everything her way and the other just plays video games all night and sleeps all day, (so lazy) and stuck up.

oh my punahou! ayeeeee. awwww i feeel you people who get everything handed to them dont learn anything valuable and take everything for granted! :/