I Don't "Hate" Her, Just Dislike.

Okay I have a second cousin, my father's first cousin, and I just cannot stand her.  I don't hate people though.  She used to live in NY so I would only see her occasionally through the years.  When I did she seemed so cool, she has a daughter that is a year younger than me and she is a really cool mom and stuff.  Two years ago she came down here for the fourth of July and invited me to come stay with her for six weeks.  I agreed, I was soo excited to spend six weeks anywhere outside of my bedroom that summer.  We had a great time.. She had a live-in bf and anytime she was mad she took it out on him, they fought alot.  She always came to me for advice, we were like best friends.  She begged me to move in with her.  I couldn't though.  So she settled for me coming back after graduation.  The next year her brother in law came down to pick up me and his kids (he lived with her, weird story) for the summer.  She acted like she had never even invited me.  It was weird.  She and her bf had broken up recently and she no longer had anyone to take out her anger and frustration on.  She didn't want to take it out on her "perfect" angels.  She didn't want to take it on her sister's kids because their dad was living there, and she didn't take it out on him because he was her personal nanny,chef, housekeeper for free.  So her true colors were soon revealed to me.  A few weeks later she was coming home complaining because she "couldn't afford" all these people in her house.  I know she was just trying to get her brother in law to give her money (he paid nothing for him and his two kids to stay there).  She has a habit, which I soon learned, of not coming out and saying stuff, only hinting around.  Now this woman who couldn't afford it makes $72,000 a year.  At this point she had stopped paying her mortgage because she knew she was going to lose her house (she blames this on taking care of us for two summers, when A: she invited all of us and B: the mortgage got behind when around dec. of 2006 someone told her not to pay it, she listened to that horrible advice and that's when she got behind!  Not in the summer.)  Her other bills did not nearly amount to consuming her entire salary.  She had stopped paying her car payment too.  However, everyday she came home with shopping bags from frivolous shopping trips she'd make after work.  She got her nails and hair done religiously and always buys her oldest daughter whatever she wanted.  She also has a horrible habit of offering things to people and either throwing it up in their face afterwards or accusing them of using her if they don't pay her back.  She is a "born again" Christian.  Which she misinterprets for, do whatever you want and then come to church on sunday having fake "seizures" or whatever the hell it is they do, and talk about God non-stop until you sin again!  She meets a man everywhere she goes.  One time she was having her pool cleaned out and a man came.  He was disgusting!  He asked her out, she said yes.  The first night he picked her up and they sat by the river for an hour.  The second night they went to his house and had sex!  THE SECOND NIGHT!  Less that one week after meeting.  She came home in the morning bragging about the sex, but later that day was playing Holy roller again.  This woman goes from one extreme to the next.  I used to have panic attacks before she came home from work because I didn't know what to expect.  She got mad and yelled at me for wearing my pajamas all day.  Even though her princesses wore pajamas and slept all day.  So I started getting dressed everyday, wasting her water and laundry detergent on clothes I wore for no reason, and she accused me of trying to seduce her brother in law!  She has major insecurites about women with big chests because she is an A cup after three children.  All of my summer clothes expose a little cleavage, she came home yelling at me for "putting my boobs on the table" like I was doing it on purpose to get her bro in law horny!  He never even looked at them, and I'm sorry that is how I sit!  I am Catholic and she was constantly trying to convert me to born again.  Not respecting my committment to my religion.  She would take me out and buy me stuff, she would beg me to pick things out, and then two days later I'd hear her on the phone saying, "Everyone is here using me for things and sucking me dry!  I can't afford to feed my children!"  Meanwhile, her children were the reason we never had food.  Her thirteen year old would wolf down all the snacks in a day, two bowls of ice cream knowing there were alot of people to feed, she would pile heaping amounts of food onto her plate at dinner time.  Her five year old is a very obese child.  She is addicted to food and to shut her up, my cousin gives her whatever food she wants.  She also claimed that her older daughter "the princess" does not partake in junk food.  Ha!  At night when she was in bed, her daughter who stayed up til 5am, would be up eating and cooking all night!  There is so much more to this story.

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I have a cousin who is like that, she's a "fake christian" she says and writes all these status messages on her Facebook talking about god, then she goes around talking **** behind every bodies back. You know what its not my problem, I don't need to take crap from her. So I just stay away from them and let them vent to other people who give a damn. I try really hard to stay away even take them off face book & other social networks. They seem to not get it or pretend not to because they always send me weird messages. I stay away, hundreds of miles away....