My Cousin Betrayal

 I do hate my cousin with a passion. We used to be really great friends. We thought alike, spoke alike and some say look alike.

My cousin had gotten a divorce and was on the hunt for a new guy. She used the internet to find a man. Let me say that she lived in Michigan at the time and I lived in Texas. She calls me and says "guess what I'm doing now" I said "what". she tells me how she met this guy, who lives in Texas about 5 hrs north of me. She then says how she is going ot move in with him. mind you she has not met him in person and they have been internet talking for about 2 months. I told her if it doesn't work she can stay with me.

She used her tax refund money to fly him to Michigan to help get her stuff in a U-Haul and drive to Texas. he didn't pay for anything.....big red flag. She finally gets to Texas and is miserable with this guy. He has no furniture, no money and thinks he's a player. I tell her that I will come on my day off and get her. I use my truck, use my money for gassing up her car and my truck and I find someone in that town to help us. Anyways I tell her she can stay with me until she gets on her feet.

My cousin decides that she didn't learn her lesson the first time and goes out with all these guys she's meeting on the internet, most of them are military guys from Killeen (Ft. Hood). She gets mad because they just want sex. She finally meets "the one".

I work nights and I'd come home and guess who'd be in my bed? Her and "the one". I talk to her about it. she starts staying at "the ones" place more and more. One day she complains that she has to sleep on the floor because he has no bed. I told her I can sell her the bed I have in my garage which hasn't been used and is just sitting there or she can just borrow it. They take the bed to his place. She had brought a cat with her and guess who has been taking care of it? Me and then the damn thing goes and claws up my furniture that I had just bought. She does nothing about it. She finally moves out and I'm glad.

My brother is going to have a wedding in Michigan in Oct. of 2005. I'm going of course and decide to drive. I ask my cousin if she wants to go with me to get the rest of her stuff. She agrees.

So we head out to Michigan on Wed. Sept. 28th. It's night time and I drive first so she won't have to drive at night. She then tells me that she's been up since 3am because her dumbass "the one" woke her up. I'm thinking great! My kids are in the back watching Spongebob on the flip-down screen I put in my truck for them. About 6am on Thurs. sept. 29th we switch. She drives.

We get into Kentucky and it's about 2:30pm, bright and sunny day. My cousin has the truck on cruise control between 70-75mph. She decides to fall asleep. I'm looking out the window and feel something not right. I look at the driver side window and see the truck is halfway in the grassy median and I wonder what the hell is she doing. I grab the wheel and put the truck back on the road. Well she was sleeping and jerked awake and grabbed the whell and over corrected. the truck goes airborne at 70mph. We flip several times and i get tired of screaming and quit and wonder when the truck will quit flipping. finally it lands on my side. My cousin is suspended by the seatbelt calling for me to help her, I ignore her. Several people had pulled over but none had come to help. I guess they thought we were dead. I undo my seatbelt and look at my kids. My 6yr old is hanging from his seatbelt. The only way out id the back window, which thankfully had a little sliding window. I look out and see a guy standing there I call for his help and tell him that my kids are in here. He runs quickly over and helps. I get my 6yr. old out and then get my 9 yr old out and then I get out. My cousin is still in the truck, I don't help her because I'm so mad right now. she does finally get out with the help of other people.

I remember seeing my son with blood pouring out of the top of his head. I remember laying in the grass and being in so much pain.

Help finally came and my kids had to be air-lifted to a hospital an hour away. Me and my cousin went to a hospital in Elizabethtown.

The hospital release us. I have no clothes and I can't walk and no vehicle either and we know no one in kentucky. We finally get to the hospital were my kids are. everyone will be all right but my 9yr old is in ICU and he has to stay.

Well everyone gets better. I go with my dad and she goes to her families house. I missed my brother's wedding and it makes me mad. Do you think my cousin calls and asks how we are? nooooooo. She does nothing. She even had the nerve to call my insurance company to make a claim against me and then she tried to sue me! she then tried to tell the family it was all my fault.

We all get back to Texas and the last thing I want from her is my bed back. Guess what? Her stupid *** bofriend had given it away. after I had asked for it back many times or for them to pay me. I have nothing to do with her anymore and she only lives about 2 miles away from me.

This is why I hate her. i found out  who she really was.

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4 Responses Aug 7, 2008

Sounds just like someone in my family. I knew the minute i started reading about the accident you were going to say she filed with the insurance company. CUT HER OFF, AND NEVER SPEAK WITH HER AGAIN!!!

Your poor kids, she's a lunatic, and if you let her back in your life, she will pull more. She's got it out for you for some reason. You have probably done nothing wrong to her, but for some reason she hates you. She sounds like a pychopath. Stay as far away from her as you can get. God why do they have to be in our families. . Sorry this happened to you. She will get hers!!! All in due time. The next person she pulls this will may not be so nice. SHES SICK. AND NEEDS HELP!!!!

I t sounds like to me, your cousin is a real dumb *** like my cousin and both need a royal *** kicking.

Hope your kids recover and it sounds like your cousin has a lot in common with mine.. both have pea size brains and need a good *** kick'en to straighten there dumb ***'s out.

oh god,so bad to hear this happen to you,cousins are horribly difficult to deal with,that's my case though somehing didn't happen as serious as it happened to you or other people here,but my cousins are so rude,and idiotic people ,i used to be their(there are 2 of them) good friend but just one small incident was enoug to turn my mind in a complete different direction.