My Cousin Is the Worst!!!!!

My story started like most of yours we were good friends and and people still say we look alike (which ****** me off). She has robbed everyone in my family including her own mother. When she stole $100 out of my mothers purse, my mother caught her and called the cops. The next day DCF (social services) was at our door becasue my cousin called and said my mother didn't take care of her kids. All because she got caught steeling. DCF closed the case and apologized to my mother because they knew my cousin was trying to get revenge. My cousin stole a dying womans pain medication. (this isn't even half of the people she has robbed, we have a huge family and she's stolen form everyone, not to mention people who aren't family)

Through all of this I tried to help her when her husband got tired of her sleeping around and through her out and she had nowhere to go I let her stay with me at my godmothers house. I bought her underwear and cooked for her everyday. She would come in drunk and high and throw up everywhere and I would clean it up and take care of her. I never even heard a thank you. She is the most two faced person on the planet. All the time I was helping her she was making lies about me behind my back. She is a compulsive liar!!!! She stole from my godmother while staying there so she had to go.

This led to an argument between me and her because I was infuriated that she would do that after how much we were helping her. She never paid a cent to stay there all those months. Her way of getting back at me was telling me she was gonna have sex with my first (who I was still seeing at the time) I told her go ahead she sleeps with everyone else. Which is the unfortunate truth.

Now I haven't spoke to her in over a year, but still people call me and tell things she's saying about me. So I confronted her and of course she never said that and she never does anything wrong and her dumb mother buys into all her lies even though she knows she steals from everyone and lies about everyone and sleeps around like its going out of style. She has slept with 3 of my aunts boyfriends and my cousins fiance. And on her myspace right now she's braggin about sleeping with some ladys husband.

This is the kind of person you definitely do not want to be associated with. You know the saying you are what you hang out with, well I refuse to be seen as a sl*t like her. I don't speak to my aunt (her mother) either because she thinks its okay for her daughter to do these things to people and we're all supposed to grin and bear it, but if it was one of us doing it (as in any of her neices and nephews) she would be leading the angry mob, torches and all!!!

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4 Responses Sep 21, 2008

Sounds a lot like a cousin of mine. Stay away from her, she may think she is ' getting away with things' But people know who she really is and what she is about. Or if they dont, they soon enough will.

I have one very similar to her. Cut all ties, and stay away from her, your aunt, and the rest. They will only end up hurting you more.

I think she need some serious help. This ain't no small thing. Yes she needs professional help .

Wowww..! Terrible

wow thats awful i guess my cousin is no that bad after all lol