My Cousin My Cousin, I Hate Her So

my cousin is a hurtful, selfish, shallow, dishonest, backstabbing b!tch, to put it mildly. it hurts me to say this, because growing up we were incredibly close, like sisters, but over time she's become an awful, cruel, spoiled-rotten person. i never thought she was capable of the nasty things she's said and done to myself and others. there was a time when she was one of my best friends. then she started hanging out with the most vile, brain dead people and became just like them. she would've sold her blood to ensure they liked her. she decided that fitting in with certain individuals was important, and so it went..

she now has such a poisonous personality that being around her was having a really negative impact on me. i finally had to put distance between us, because i didn't want to spend all my time feeling angry and hurt and resentful. it's better this way. when it comes to all things concerning her, i'd rather just have no part of it.

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I have a exactly cousin like that except she's in the ghetto. Apparently she hates me, she assumes that I'm better than her, I don't do anything to make her think that way, I'm nice to her and encourage her in her pursuits. I had always thought she was jealous of me because every time someone brought something up positive about me, she always but on a body language like she didn't want to hear it, but when anything negative came around she was around it like hot cakes!!

i wish i had the courage to tell off my cousins as you did, except my whole family( incl my parents) would turn against me, as result, i still have dreams of giving them a good bitc* slaps, which they totally deserve for that dirty dirty mouth of theirs.

Same thing with my cousin, except she has an identity crisis. She is ghetto and tries to be gothic. And I feel that she has always been jealous of me ever since we were little. Every time I do something new, wear something new or have a new hair color, she undermines and insults me about it. But when she goes back home, she goes out and does/gets the same thing I have. She has also borrowed and went as low as stealing things from me as well. She has a very overbearing, pushy personality and is very toxic. She is younger than I and tries to intimidate or boss me around. She does not care about anybody else but herself and how she looks.<br />
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Attention *****, she is. She always has to have attention, it makes her feel powerful. Especially when it is from men. Watch out! Next thing you know there will be a new spawn!

ah yes, josie, i have told my lovely cousin what i think of her several times, much to the horror of the rest of my family, who tiptoes around her. she is also an attention lover, and others feed right into that. i figure NOT giving her what she wants is the best way to do my part.<br />
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urbrandofheroin, my cousin and i used to be the same way. she lived one state away from me, and when i stayed at her house we'd be up all night talking, no one could tear us apart. i'm an only child, and she was actually closer to me than she was to her three real siblings. <br />
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even just being ignored is very hurtful. that was kind of how mine started, and then after a while she just went totally nuts. she even started attacking me on facebook, writing all this hateful crap.<br />
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i hate people who think they're too "cool" because they make a bunch of stupid new friends and wear their bangs long (my cousin does that too!)

I have a similar situation. I have a third cousin whom I used to be close to, even though she lived in another state. Anytime my family was coming up there to visit, she would stay awake all night waiting on me.<br />
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Then, something happened. She started hanging out with those teens who wear really tight jeans, let their bangs grow long, then dye them black with huge blonde chunks and let them hang over their eyes. She started listening to unheard of bands, I guess they're called "Indie" music. <br />
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I came to spend the summer up there and was so surprised to see that she ignored me the entire time. She would go to "shows" in the city with her friends, and never would invite me.<br />
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Now we hardly talk at all. I mean, here and there I'll comment on her Facebook status or something. But that is it. I saw her last week, she finally moved down here, and she ignored me so much. It hurt my feelings.<br />
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She isn't viscious like your cousin, but she makes me feel like crap because I feel like I'm not "cool" enough for her anymore.

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I had a cousin like that also, he was just a horses a-s-s. As we got older I told him so. We got along better once he knew I had his number and he couldn't get to me or fool me. Other relatives would get angry, I'd just put him in his place. He stayed away from me mostly. Think it was just his way to get attention, all along.