I'm Not "true" Family

I'm not TRUE Family.  Or at least, this is what my cousin likes to remind me from time to time.

We were born around the same time, ever since then, though I saw him rarely, he thought we were in some sort of competition.  Why he thought this, I do not know.  I never really spoke to him, or played with him as I only saw him rarely, but those few times I did see him as a child he was always negative, telling me I'm "Not Normal", that I was a "Spy", that my mom was a "*****", that my parents were "mental", that no one likes me in the family, that my aunts and uncles all talk about how "weird" I am behind my back, yadda yadda.

When I saw him as a teenager he would remind me that I was Ugly, that I had "Zits", he would bloviate about how our grandfather would lavish him with presents, how smart he was, how I was not really "part of the family"

I would never respond to these comments, I would just go play with my brother quietly.

When I went to college, I had no idea he was attending the same college as we did not really communicate or have any interest in each other.  I discovered he attended when he came running over to me in the library screaming that I was stalking him, that I was sent to "spy" on him, that I was NEVER ALLOWED to tell anyone on campus we were related because it would be HUMILIATION GALORE to be related to me, that I was ugly, my hair was curly, I was disgusting and so on.  The library staff actually had to come over and escort him out as he was screaming in anger for such a prolonged period of time.

He would follow me around telling me to never follow him, he emails me warning me to never email him, he calls me telling me I better never try to "find out his phone number" and so forth.

I am now married and he sent me this long email berating me for not inviting him to my wedding, he called me a selfish *****.

He emails me pictures of my extended family, captioning the photo as the "TRUE family".  (of course he includes a line or two about never daring to email him back or showing anyone this email)

I have no idea these past 26 years what he's been going on about!  I really dislike his rudeness and am repulsed by his cruel life long actions.

To top of the cake, he recently said it was my fault I was disconnected from the family because "I never made an effort to get to know them".  Really?  I thought I wasn't allowed to ever speak to you! 

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Harassment. Plain and simple, contact the police or a lawyer and see what can be done, after all he isn't really family

Looks like HE is the mental case...SMDH. Why even read the emails or pick up the phone to unknown numbers?

WTF LOL so he calls you and tells u to never try to find his number? Cou-cou ............ & I thought that it would just be a childhood thing but after 26 years makes him a grown man and he need to seek some help......I hate people like that, they're rude and tell you not to do stuff and then they come back saying it's all your fault KMT

OMG!!<br />
<br />
and he thinks YOU'RE the weird, stalker/spying one?? he sounds like a complete mental case, and then some.<br />
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hey, maybe if he's single i could hook him up with my crazy cousin. he actually sounds like just her type!