Enough Is Enough

Life is so funny.  The smallest things can change it in a instant.  Right now I hate my circumstances.  Yep, just 7 days until Christmas and they are awful (for me).  Christmas is suppose to be a happy time, a family time, enjoyment, peace and goodwill.  Well, not here.  Here it is crying, sad, fighting and trying to put the best foot forward.  I am fighting with my husband but it's not really his fault.  It is his mothers.  Why can't mom's let their sons grow up?  Why can't they let go a little when they get married?  Why do they always have to be first?  Why is his wife automatically the enemy?  Looks like to me a wife and her MIL should get along better than anyone right?  Heck, they both love the guy, they both want what is best for him right? WRONG! My mil wants what is best for her, not her son, my husband.  She is making our life hell with her demands.  The bad thing is my husband was a mommy's boy when we met.  She is pushing him away.  She is pulling the family apart with her demands and wants but she blames me.  I am the bad apple.  I just want to skip Christmas, my favorite holiday, just to put and end to all of this fighting.
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2 Responses Dec 18, 2007

I have tried being nice and kind to her. She throws it back into my face basically. Thank you for your comments

I'm sorry your MIL is intruding on your married life. When a man marries, his loyalties should be with his wife and respect for his Mom. Controlling people are challenging. Don't let her get to you. Have heart to heart discussions with husband and make compromises, as that is part of life. You are letting this situation get to you and in a few years it will be different. I am not always deliriously happy at this time of year, but learning to be content in all circumstances is something to work at. Don't let the lady get you down, give in and love her the best you can, as you did marry into the family. A bitter pill to swallow I know. In time things will change if you are kind, always kind and loving to your MIL. Be the bigger better person, see her side of the situation and also begin NEW Christmas traditions for you NEW life and family. MILs don't live forever. If you are kind to her she will eventually see you aren't a problem but an asset to the family.