Sometimes Life Just Sucks

So my mom married a man who was verbally and mentally abusive. They were together for about 10 years. I had gone into the navy, then they moved to where I was stationed. I helped them out constantly with money, even buying a brand new vehicle which I'm still paying for. Suddenly the navy kicks me out and I'm stuck with no money and a truck loan for $535 a month. I end up maxing out 2 cards and overdrawing my account before I get a job. I'm still behind on the cards, and 2 months going on three months behind on the truck loan. Mom kicked her husband out almost a month ago now, so I no longer have a way for anyone to watch my daughter for the mornings. I wish I could give the vehicle back, because mom can't afford to help me, but since my own vehicle took a dump, it is our only vehicle between the two of us. I can't find my daughter's father to get child support and she's already three. He's only seen her once! And that was when he was forced to! Sometimes life just sucks. angry
midnightmiasma midnightmiasma
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 30, 2010

I read your story and yea like can seem like that sometimes. But their is always a bright side too every situation. i am in a situation right now but i have learned over the years to just don t worry about it. your faith in a higher power will help you get through. And it sucks we get dealt a bad hand in life but you got to play the cards which you were dealt. and do it with a positive attitude you will be surprise how that can change your situation. well God bless and have a nice day.