I Can Not Take This Anymore!!!!!!!!!!

For the past five years my son and I have struggled but have somehow always made ends meet.  But the last couple of years have been really tough, and this past month has been the hardest of all.  I swear I wish I could just runaway and never look back....but how?  Recently I went onto one of those dating sites and met MR. I thought he was wonderful......but then reality hit, and I got screwed.  He seemed like a really nice guy, and I thought that maybe my luck was about to change......then poof he was gone and with him he took all the money that I had..........I know my own fault.   To make matters worse, I was already behind on my rent so my landlord said she would have no choice but to evict me and my son if I could not come up with the rent.  Then a couple of weeks ago, while I was at school someone stole my truck, it was there at 8pm and gone by 9:40pm.  Luckily I was able to get a ride home that night.  The truck getting stolen would not have been so bad, but I am self-employed, I clean houses and I had most of my equipment in the truck when it was stolen.  So long story short, nothing in November could be paid and now we are in to December.  I was able to piece together enough equipment to keep working but because I have to try to find a vehicle to borrow I missed a couple of weeks work for November putting me behind on Decembers needs already and now I have to come up with all the money to pay Nov and Dec rent and utilities and keep food on the table.  GOD, I just can't take anymore.  Then my sister who is only 37 tells me her vital organs are beginning to fail due to the radiation from her cancer therapy.  Well good news the cancer is gone, bad news the cure for the cancer is now attacking her organs...oh man which is worse the cancer or the cure.  Then to make matters even worse all my family lives 2600 miles away, long way to walk in the winter.  I just wish I could leave, get a new name, and start over.....I am so tired of all of this.  My son has three friends that i swear live here too, so that only adds to the bills.  Not only do they eat constintly but they leave every light on in the house.  If I tell them to leave they look at me so sadly, like I just broke their hearts.  That's when the mommy in me kicks in and says, ok you can stay but please turn off the lights.  Why does life have to dump everything at once.  P.S. ladies if you ever meet a guy named John Cannon, grab your checkbook and run, or even better grab a gun and shoot him (lol).  Well I guess the only thing that I can do is just keep praying, right now I really dont have any other options.  But thanks for listening

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Omg I had a John cannon experience too. Took me and my sons for over 36k
After my husband passed unexpectedly. He's a crack addict and alcoholic run ladies don't even look back

Unless you can find a second job close to where you live where you can walk to it to catch up on all your bills, I would suggest that you bank/keep your current money for rent that you already have. Sell all that you have of value if you can. Then take your son and hop on a bus, train or take an enterprise car rental and drive you your relatives and move in. Stay there until you can work, save up enough cash to buy a car and have some savings. Then move back out. Put yourself and your son ahead of bank debt and bills and landlords. <br />
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We are in an economic collapse/depression and it's time to do what we need to survive it.