I Cant Take It Much Longer

I dont even know where to begin, Mom died last December, no life ins, lost my job because I took so much time off to care for her, no family in town, forced to move into an overcrowded situation that I hate. House is a cluttered mess all the time. Inherited two cats that I really dont want but they were Moms so I dont have the heart to get rid of them. No place here to keep my belongings so im paying for 2 storage units with no hope of being able to use my own things in the near future. Job hunting not going so well, seems if your over 50 people are not as interested in hiring you. It all just seems so hopeless. I just keep telling myself that a year from now things will be better. Its the only thing that keeps me going.

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3 Responses Apr 1, 2008

Can you get a job at fast food or retail? Anything that can allow you to buy a small studio apartment of your own so you can have your space and sanity. Take the cats with you too when you get the studio apartment.<br />
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This is an economic collapse in this country and we have to rely on family, take menial work, do what ever it takes to survive. I have a bachelor's degree and all I can get is minimum wage, no skilled labor type of jobs. But I take them to survive.......

Update? How are things two months later? I like to say that you can stand on your head for quite awhile if you know that it's not forever. No matter how bad things are at the moment, you always have choices, good choices that can help pull you out of the darkness. But you gotta have a plan with tangible, achievable goals. <br />
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When I decided that I needed to end my marriage I knew I had to wait until my youngest son was 18 and I was working enough to support myself. I made that goal almost 10 years ago. I have one year left, and I accomplished several things to help me when the time comes. I got my grade 12 equivalent diploma (at the age of 47) which I needed to get a decent job, which I now have.<br />
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The coming year will be very difficult, but I will get through it because I have been visualizing my success, and I'm carrying out the plans to achieve the goal. I'm almost there.<br />
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Tendereyes is right; instead of being overwhelmed by everything, try to determine which is the first task you need to accomplish. Prioritize and then focus on that one thing until it's done. If you do it right, each task will make the next one easier. Best of luck.

Things will get better, things will get better!