Hate the Father

i hate my father, honestly i dont call him dad,daddi,father,or anything like that i call him glenn. people say i need to get over all of his mistakes and give him another chance to proove me wrong but i wont i refuse. i mean i dont want to forgive him for leaving me and brother and my mom for my babysitter! and now he  has a kid with her. he pays more attention to my lil bros and step mom more than he does me I CANT GET OVER IT! i hate most of the other fam mems because they bother the hell out of me they dont leave me alone with anything! they all acuse me of doin drugs,drinkin,smoking and have "unsafe" sex but im not i dont do any of that ****! its not kool that they would honestly think that!
AnitaUknown AnitaUknown
18-21, F
Mar 26, 2007