My Extremely Wicked Step Mother.

Today is my dad's birthday, I surprised him with tickets to go see a movie that he really wanted to see with me and my boyfriend, So he could get to know my boyfriend better and so I could spend quality time with him. (I work full time and hardly get to see him) I'm 21 years old and my step mother treats me like I am the scum of the earth and likes to remind me of it every single day. So anyways today I bring my dad my present and she looks at me and says " What am I chopped liver? I can't believe you would buy him something and not buy a ticket for me", then she stands up and says it's not even that you bought the tickets its that the 3 of you are going and not just you and your dad. First of all she doesn't even like the movie we are going to see, Second off shes treated me like garbage for 6 years of my life so why would I want to see her, And third the last time I got any alone time with my father was 6 years ago before he met her. I wanted to bring my boyfriend with me because we are getting really serious and I want my dad to be close to us for when I move out on my own. She then tells me that I should take someone else to the movie because its not fair to her. It's almost like she forgot whos birthday it is today. Anyways shes been complaining ever since, and i pretty much just stayed quiet while she was complaining, but then she has the nerve to call her sister and start complaining to her that I bought him a present and didn't include her. She's been extremely rude to me and super unkind ever since we moved in with her. She always tells me how bad I look, Or likes to point out how tired I look some days. The worst part of it all is that she sits around and does nothing around the house, but then complains when her dishes aren't done or the floor is dirty, I do the dishes all the time (its really not that hard and I don't mind doing it ever) but when I do do the dishes she complains and says she is "going on strike" and not doing the dishes anymore because shes the only one who ever does them. This makes me laugh so hard inside as I have never once seen her do the dishes once ever in the six years I have lived here, This is no exxageration this woman is dillusional. Did I mention she has 3 kids, All of which she babies to death and lets them get away with pretty much anything in the world, for example I've paid rent ever since I turned 18, which is completely fair. If I am ever even 1 day late on the rent because I get paid a day after its due, I get yelled at or nagged for hours about it, I've also paid my own cellphone bill and grocery bill since I was 18 as well. Now my step siblings are aged 23, 19 and 18. None of them pay their own cellphone bills none of them have ever paid rent once ever, none of them go to school they all have full time jobs and are fully capable of paying rent but they don't because they are her babies and they don't need to pay rent in her eyes. Over the years i've learned to just ignore her in hopes that soon I will move out. The sad thing is I know my dad want's to leave her and come with me but he's quite sick and need somewhere permanent to live for a long time, which I dont know if i can provide for him quite yet. I feel bad for her because she has a drinking problem, I feel like she might be bipolar, and I feel like she is treating me this way because she may have been treated like this when she was younger. Anyways guys I just wanted to vent, I'm sick of crying in my room because of the evil woman upstairs, and just want to know if anyone has any stories that are similar to this, i just want to know that i'm not the only one.
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Yea, my stepmom is like that, too. She manipulates my father and constantly complains about me. I find the best solution is to just ignore her.

With all due respect, you forgot whose birthday it was. It wasn't yours. It was your dad's. Your dad has a wife. And you planned an event that cut your dad's wife out of his birthday celebration. That's not cool.

What has her stepmum ever done for her?