My Dad Cant Live Forever In Guilt, I Think He Has Cheated On My Mum With My Stepmum.

This is going to be quite long. Ok so my mum and dad broke up when I lived in Dubai when I was 7 and a half years old. My dad is a petroleum engineer, thats why we lived there because he worked with oil rigs. He was always away, and I remember him always getting grumpy with me and sometimes shouting at me (probably because of stress at work) when he comes back. But thats not really the problem here. Im not quite sure why they broke up but my mum says my dad denied he was cheating. Anyway, I visit him in Dubai and other places because he moves every few years for his job. He had a girlfriend (who is now my step mum) who he introduced to me and my sister and my cousin who was visiting with us aswell. Shes Russian and German I think. She used to be a model. I didnt like her much, Im the type of guy who doesnt hate people because I know its not good for you. But I will soon get to the part where she says something that just made me want to kill her. She sponges off my dad and doesnt have a job. Hell, she wants to be a lawyer and she is 40. Basically she hasnt had a proper job. So obviously she isnt going to be because shes too busy sponging off my dad and she doesnt want to work and my dad knows it. When I was like 10 she said she inside working hard while all the children were out playing. Then she said 'look at me now'. I was 10, I thought she actually worked for her money even though she didnt. What a stupid thing to say, if I had known at the time I wouldve said. ' yeah a jobless ***** stealing my dads money'. My sister has bad autism and phycosis. Shes 17 and im 15. she comes home every day crying her eyes out and sometimes screaming. Themthings my stepmum tells her doesnt help. My sister doesnt come to see my dad with me when there is a time she is really upset. Its gotten to the point where when my dad actually brings his *** to our country (Scotland) and rent a cottage or something, my sister stays with his parents while im with my dad and stepmum. Its so sad, they have a dog that they treat with royalty back where they stay and my stepmum is obsessed with it. My dad isnt good with kids since he has failed to do his job. He doesnt care about my sister and how she wants to commit suicide and he always tells me to stop playing video games. Its a habit of mine and I am definetly not addicted, I am a gamer but I am very good at racket sports too and school. He never says well done this or well done that. Its always do this dont do this, study harder. Its bad enough that my sister is always upset and gets attention from my mum all the time and im always left out in the dark, I dont have a good relationship with my stepdad either. No wonder I like to play online with friends and have a good laugh, because thats all I got. I dont blame my sis that much tho because shes been to a mental health hospital twice. Anyway, I overheard my stepmum having a conversation with my dads parents. (btw when she get the chance she always hides away in the car so she doesnt speak to them or anybody). I heard her say 'thanks for bringing up a good son, we have been together 8 years today'. Hold your ******* horses there. I am 15 and a half and I was 7 and a half when the divorce happened. So yeah, this happened after xmas 2012 when we were leaving and dad was dropping me off home. I was emotionless when I got in the car and pictured so many ways of her dead. It makes sense, my dad is living in guilt. But it wont last forever. Srsly if I had a gun and it was between him and her. I would choose her, so that my dad could live knowing that he did a bad thing and has ripped my family apart. She has always been like an awkward friend walking with us to places. Its a shame cause I was actually having some good conversations with my dad for a change. He always has big hopes for me but he always says that he is disappointed in me aswell. I guess I should just grow out of this and have a family of my own and live together, but I dont want my kids seeing their grandfather, hes not a good influence to anyone. Im sorry this has been long but, I had to get it out there. My dad hasnt called me, but if he did I want to get the truth out him and If I find out he did cheat then he has lost his son and his daughter to a worthless *****. The selfish ******* lives in guilt like I said. Does anyone have any idea what I could do? I dont want to be filled with such anger its not good for me.
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i meant live

let ur dad leave with the guilt, its his mistake he should fix it. Stand up for you and your sister ,tell your dad. Talk to him about how you and see what he feels