My "FAIR" Step Mom

Well she has a son name Michael and she spoils him so much. She is always on his side and i get it, thats her son. But sometimes she just goes over board. No matter what me and my brother do she needs to tell my dad. Like if i leave the light on. Then she tells my dad and expects him to yell at me. Anyway, if me or my brother Brandon get into a fight with Michael. Guess who automatically wins the argument. Michael. You know why? Michael then calls his mom and she always tries to blame us even if Michael was wrong and she knows it my step mom will defend him. She thinks Michael is an angel and always tries to compare us to him. Even my dad can't tell him what to do or then she will start a fight with my dad. For example, if Michael leaves a cup on the table and my dad says not to do that. My step mom will come in and tell my dad that he should be telling me and brother not to put the cup on the table. Michael gets away with everything because even if its his fault she always tries to bring us in on it. And thats just the little things
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2013

Yesh. I have this relationship, too, and it has gotten to the point that I never want to see my stepmom or dad again. I used to lock myself in my room, but my dad broke down my door. I suggest to just find a nice, quiet place where nobody can find you to just relax and refuse to interact with any of your stepsiblings or stepmom or dad. Good luck

I feel u!