My Past

It was 1n 1996. I was one years old. I heard my mom and my dad arguing. I started to cry and cry. My dad said " Im tired of this Crystal" My mom grabbed a beer bottle and threw it at him only missing his head by an inch. Then hse grabbed his gun and tried to shoot him until my uncles stopped her. Then a car  appeared in front of the house. My dad along with three suitcases vanished out the door. I was still crying at the time but at that moment i said my first word. I was screaming it to the heavens. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. He looked at me and soon turned away. He walked into the car sat down and the car dissapeared into the darkness of night. My story may sound like it came out off a book but thats actually my career plan. When I got depressed i satrted to used my pain as insperation for my stories.

Arii96 Arii96
13-15, F
Mar 6, 2010