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my father left my mother when i was about 3 months old. i have a brother who is 2 yrs older then me also. the ******* was a drug addict, drank, n beat my mother. he visited us briefly 4 a few months. then one day just up n moved out of state. none of his family ever tried to see us. my mother was not the greatest mother, but hell who is, she did her best. we never wanted 4 anything. well when i turned 19 yrs, old. n he finally finished paying that child support of 20.00 a week for 2 kids. he showed up. i gave him a chance, i really did. 1st time we went out to eat, ******* made me pay 4 my own meal. yup, what a sweetheart. i tried to accept him into my life, him n his wife n 2 older stepkids. but he berated n talked about my mother n grandmother who raised me, not him. well long story short, i cut him out of my life. he died a few yrs later, had a heartattack. i felt nothing no lose no pain. it was like hearing a stanger had died. i dont regret meeting him, but i dont care that he is gone. he got what he deserved in the end. n if theres a hell, i hope he is burning there now.

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Feb 13, 2010