Why Are You So Annoying!!!!!?????????

My dad is SO VERY ANNOYING!!! He will come in my room, when I'm on the computer or doing homework, and ask the dumbest questions like, what r u doing? "HOMEWORK, DUH!!" & he asks the same thing everyday. Sometimes he acts like he cant do CRAP, i will be all the way upstairs & he will call me down to the kitchen & say "GO TO THE BASEMENT & GET ME SOME PAPER TOWELS" i'm like r u serious? And he never asks politely he always says "DO THIS OR DO THAT" not "WILL U DO THIS FOR ME PLZ OR CAN U DO THIS PLZ" and he hardly ever says "THANK YOU" He picks me up everyday from school & he drives me crazy the whole ride home, he will ask "DO U WANT ANYTHING" (like 2 eat or from the store) & if i say "NO" he will name 50 million things & ask me if i want/need them when I already said I do NOT want/need anything. And i didn't really tell him anything about stuff happening at school or about anything because he always has something smart/stupid to say about it, like he is "MR. SMARTY-PANTS." When I get home I call my mom(who is at work) & tell her how my day was & how annoying my dad is & how when i move out I am not coming back 2 visit & she can come visit me, but don't bring my dad with her. I try not to talk 2 him cause if I do I may say the wrong thing & go off on him. He always tries 2 start an argument with my mom about something stupid & he acts like he is 5. One day me & my mom went to the mall, she said we couldn't be out long because we need 2 get back home so she could get something 4 my dad(like he cant cook 4 himself) so when we get in the house he says "I SEE U TOOK UR TIME 2 GET BACK HOME" i thought that was so rude, we actually went 2 like 3 stores & we came back home so she can cook for that crazy man. And then OMG he will be in the basement & come all the way upstairs 2 my room & just tap my arm(not hit it hard) & then walk out, WTF!! When i was younger( i am now 15) i didn't think my dad was that annoying, but the older I get the more annoying he is. Sometimes I will go in my room & just cry & ask God to help him so he wont be so annoying. I don't know what 2 do. I am so glad I have my mom, she is like my bff, I tell her everything & she understands how annoying my dad can be. Today I told him I wanted 2 go on the Costa Rica trip with my school & he said "OH, I THINK UR AUNT WENT 2 COSTA RICA, U SHOULD CALL HER & TELL HER U R GOING" I was like why the ***k should I call her & tell her that, she doesn't care when she goes on vacation, she doesn't call me & tell me where the heck she is going. I am also the youngest and the only girl(other than my mom) 1 of my older brothers moved out & he doesn't really come over that much, because he knows how annoying our dad can be. My other brother who leaves with us, is hardly ever home, he only comes 2 sleep & shower because he doesn't want 2 be around my annoying dad. My dad also thinks he has 2 go everywhere with me, if i am going 2 a school game with my friends he thinks he should come with me & my mom tells him "NO, SHE DOESN'T WANT U THERE" then he acts like his feeling r hurt. There r SO MANY MORE reason why he is so annoying but I will stop here cause this is probably long already. I just need someone to help me & him so he want drive me crazy. Also it seems like the older he gets the more annoying he is. I know i said i was going 2 end it but there r a couple more things I want 2 say. I love 2 cook(so does my dad) & whenever I am cooking something he will say "DO U KNOW WHAT U R DOING" I say "YES" then he comes over 2 me & starts putting seasonings & other CRAP in my food & tries 2 cook it for me. And when we r sitting at the table eating he chews/eats like a pig(literally), he makes this loud clicking sound in his mouth & gets food all on his clothes & face & if we don't tell him its there he will walk around like that until he goes 2 the bathroom & looks in the mirror. Also he is SO embarrassing, when we r out in public he well put his arm around my neck & act like I'm a little kid. Sometimes he will go out of town 4 like a week 4 work & those r the best weeks EVER, but when he comes back :( my whole life feels ruined. Now I am done, sorry for how long it is. THX 4 reading though.
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Dads are like that, you are not alone.

You never know what you have until you lose it.

you should be super gr8FUL that u hav such a nice dad who asks you how was ur day or stuff, like my dad comes in from work and asks me to immediately start studying and he doesnt even talk to me much because he and my bro r kinda in a argument and my dad doesnt even spend some time with me and sometimes i feel like he dosent even care i mean sometimes i just wanna cry in my room like why is he not talking to me i just fought with him just now and he's super angry at me i guess but i just wanna prove to him that i can study and finally he can start showing me some love. im rlly v sad so pls be gr8ful for a person like that in ur life.

You are so selfish and ungrateful. Your dad loves you, and he acts like he is the boss of you because HE IS THE BOSS OF YOU. You should cherish the time you have with him. One day he will move on into a different life and you'll be all alone and regretting all the stuff you said to him or about him. You need a wake up call.
I MEAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Your dad does everything for you and you should be grateful. YOU ARE A BIG FAT BRAT.

go **** yourself

At first, sorry for my English there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes (i am not a nattive English speaker).

You story sounds very similiar to mine. Our family has also a dad who is really annoying. I am not a psychologist, let that be clear. But we think (my mother and my brother) that my dad has a personality disorder. In particular a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). We found a lot of similarities between my dads behavior and those with a NPD. To deal with my dad I first had to understand him. Why he acts the way he does. To know he might had NPD did me well, (this fullfilled a lot of questions). But, besides that our dad can't change and he never will.

My advice:
I don't know your dad so I can't say what he has. But based on your story I can recommend you to Google NPD. You might find some answers as well. If this is your dad or if it's not, I suggest you to talk the situation with your mom. Which you allready do (what is really good tho, keep it up). The next step, if you think you might be affected by your dad or if you can't stand him any longer. Is to talk to an outsider, like a person who is objective. For example a psychologist, he/or she can help you with the situation.

For the short and long run. Accept your dad for now, that is a really hard thing to do. Be strong, don't let your dad affect you. If you have a feeling that something is not right, stick to that feeling! And if you have the chance, leave the house like your brothers did. I hope I could be of any help.

OMG me too! My dad always act like he is the boss of everyone because he's the oldest. I play the violin and piano, and I HATE IT! My dad forces me to play couple of hours on them both and I don't get anytime to myself! He barely says any nice things like thank you or please. I wish my dad understood my life and actually understand what im going through! That's why i rather DIE than live with him everyday!

okay so my dad is like your dad's twin omfg. He chews his food very loudly. He always ask a bunch of dumb questions every single day like "how's Spanish class" like he doesn't even know that I don't have Spanish on Thursdays. When I go to swimming practice he's always asking "Which coach do you like better Coach xxx or Coach xxx." He asks these questions every single day and doesn't even realize he asks them the whole time. Also when me and my mom goes somewhere by ourselves we always need to buy food for my dad. He doesn't know how to cook. He's always "asking when we're going back home" just because he wanna eat. Because my dad can't cook, when mom's not home we always need to cook instant noodles. He always add random spices and veggies to the noodles(such as cabbage eggs bacons and some random black spice). My dad is always angry when I get a B+ on my geometry test, but he's like "omg you are so good" everytime I get an A. He doesn't care about my personality and never acknowledge me. But Same as you, my mom's always my best friend (btw I'm f13). She still kisses me goodnight everyday and understand my feelings toward my dad. I JUST RELATE TO YOU SO MUCH CAN WE BE FRIENDS

Hey people like your dad acullay don't realise what they are doing in hurtful. My dad is the same he is just lacking something like compassion or something. It's really not his fault try to be understanding. Or maybe even countsuling my dad got countsuling and it really helped

My dad does not even cook food or do anything because he is too lazy

WOW i wish i had ur dad, my dad doesn't give a dam about wat i do, like i am just a burden to him.

My story is same as urs.Plz go through my story & then we may chat

ISTEAD OF "u think you have grown ? ","STFU KID"etc.GIVE ADVICE OF AN ADULT !

Also,what if i tell you that my mother,granny and me have more negative thoughts against my father than positive.What you guys gonna say now? Stop posting shity replies and give an ADVICE !

I wanted to relate to you, i really did, but everything you said right there was what i hoped my dad would grow into. My father is worse and i have real issues from his metal, verbal, and physical abuse. This is absolutely nothing, I think you need to calm your self down respect your dad, and love him because there are people out there who have actually been hurt by their fathers not this **** that you wrote down. Have a nice day.

Exactly the same with me, my dad gives me no support whatsoever and he is just a **** and I ******* hate him with all my might!!!!!

you are just an annoying ******* kid......u think you have grown up just because u are 15? no u haven't ur dad really likes you and you appreciate that you ******* piece of ****.. i hope you get raped

Listen here you ****.Very ******* similar story is with my father and i'm 22.You think if that kid will be 30 year old and live with father something will be different? You argument is completely ****!You just reply to her because instinct of "underaged kids are stupid" turned on.

Me 2. Would U want 2 share our misery

Does your dad posses a genetic flaw that affect his character? Maybe that is why he annoys you so much.

Be lucky he cares about you. Don't be so negative. He loves you and that's good. Many fathers don't care about their kids, some abuse, others just plain out don't care. I don't know my real father, he used my mom for sex and never bothered to stay to help my mom or to see me. He left after that night. My adoptive dad aggravates me purposely and he doesn't care about my feelings. He yells at me if I cry, he likes to mess with me like taking my phone, turning off the tv or my game system, or poking me constantly just to make me mad. He doesn't act like a father, heck, he doesn't act his age. He never really cared about me, he would rather do things with his wife and my stepmom than me. So be lucky. I'm not trying to be harsh here but you need to realize, your dad does these things to keep you safe. He asks you what you're doing because he's curious, he's concerned. My dad thinks I'm weak because I'm a girl, he doesn't let me help him with things. Your dad does these things to make you stronger, not just physically, emotionally, but for the future. One day, your parents won't be here and you should cherish every minute with them. I nearly lost my real mother a few years ago from drug overdose, and even tho I don't live with her, I was terrified. You can't predict when your parents will pass, so love your life with them. You have it easy, you have parents to depend on. But once you're older, you can't be so dependent. So please care about your father. He cares about you. He does these things for a reason. God made him this way for a reason. If you choose not to listen, I understand. But I was just trying to make things easier for both you and your father.

god isint real

you are not the only one. my dads also annoying.

I know. My father makes me feel like I'm in an interrogation movie, always asking me stuff like "What game are you playing?" I don't tell my dad about my day at school either because I know he'll be annoying about it.

I feel so sorry for u but my dad is the same. Although when I don't answer him, he will think I'm being smart with him and yell at me.

Your dad is great shut up

Omg yes my sad is extremely annoying. He presses so hard like heck on my smartphone when he tries to do something, his phone is always on speaker and he talks to it so loud I practicly have to yell in his dang ear when I try to tell him something. When he eats his mouth is open and I swear you can hear squishy-squashy sounds in there. He is super tight with money. He won't even let my mom have a job cause he's to afraid that she won't be home to cook for her. He blames me for any technical difficulties for about anything, TV,cable,WiFi,computer,smart phones. My smartphone!He's such a stupid heartless cheap idiot and sometimes I just want to strangle him. I purposely mock him with the squishy sound and complain about him to my friends. Thanks for letting me talk
Made me feel better

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YEAH , i understand maybe why your mad, cause like my dad i love him, he genuinely did everything, he gave me a house, clothes and food, and that something some people wish to have, so you have to be grateful, you seem unappreciative, but i also feel very uncomfortable with my dad, but i suggest you find why, and don't state petty stuff like he "taps me", because the nice things are annoying you. like my dad im annoyed and i don't wan to talk to him because he did some stuff that pissed me off, he can be very sexist and honestly can be very overprotective, but what mostly really made me separate myself from my dad is his anger, he never hit me, but this summer he kinda did it wasn't like oh child abuse, but it was for a very stupid reason and he did it out of his anger, another time he was angry really angry and hit my sister bad like really bad and he started crying, so he doesnt really hit, but when he gets angry things escalate a lot. so thats my reason and other stuff maybe he kinda comments on everything i say, and i know he wants to be involved but i don't want him, so i get you i do, but you have to try to look t the positive stuff, i try to be positive and just look at it as no one is perfect and at least i have father that actually cares to talk to me and puts effort. my friend wishes her dad gave her attention, like i felt so guilty once she told me don't be mean to ur dad an di thought i was being normal, so just try to always say thank God for a home and clothes and food and a person who wants to be in ur life and thats all form one person your DAD.

hope you find solace with your issue and always questions your emotions and dig deep

this was long- love and hope from B

**** YOU


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i have the same thing homie trust me.

Instead of being a stuck up little snob think about this, you wouldn't be here without him, he ******* raised your annoying *** cause yes you seem pretty annoying yourself, when he asks what you want to eat he's making sure you don't go to bed ******* hungry, when he taps you he probably just wants to spend time cause your stuck up *** probably sits in your ******* room all day doing ****. In his eyes, you're still his little girl, no matter how annoying all this common **** parents do is, at the end of the day he's just trying to make you happy and keep a relationship with his selfish daughter. Appreciate your ******* parents you ****.

Instead of being a g@y Cun-. t why dont yuou dronw yourself you little btich

Instead of being a stuck up little snob think about your stupid a.ss coment, Please tie a brick to your leg and go jump off a bridge, and also take all your family with you

ik its soooo anoying my dad is very similar

Your perspective will change so much when he's gone. I promise.

Yeah, my "dad" does similar things and I understand why you hate him, but I mainly want to comment on the embarrassing in public part. EVERY PARENT IS LIKE THAT! Some more than others, but if you ask anyone I bet they will tell you that its true. So trust me because my parents have done it to me more times than I hopped especially in very public places. :/

Yeah, my dad too, he probably doesn't know how annoying he is, so maybe you should give him a talk. I know it sounds like a kid's show but it works. He probably loves you.

Haven't you thuought you're the annoying one? Like you can't even use proper grammer, you're 15, a 8 year old can write better than you, and look it doesnt matter how annoying he is these generations are getting stupid and disrespectful day by day. Why won't you just shut up and obey? Bye.

Lalaomg, some people can't tolerate it, so I ask you sincerely, to try to understand.

why dont you go back to the hitler ages, and become a jew that will help you survive you stipid pr.ick

Your dad obviously cares about you and yes they can be annoying but then again everyone can be. even you. Although he may be annoying to you at times you need to realise he cares about you. Whining about someone you love is not fair to them. If he annoys you by just doing this You aren't being real fair. Other people have a much harder time when it comes to their fathers so respect yours because he is the only one you have. Don't whinge because there are people out there who have things much harder then you.

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I want to be in this project to help people with their dad issues ,just write to me and I will answer your questions

My name is Rachel ,I'm a pretty girl and I am willing to help anyone on this website:)

I have another profile now guess check the other Rachel

Hey, I loved your blog, and I really felt you, my parents can be like that sometimes. So am doing this drama production, it's basically based on blogologues, 'the internet performed', and i would love to narrate your blog as my piece, don't worry, the whole credit will go to you and i will not change anything or even show my classmates this blog, it will remain anonymous. You might be wondering why i have chosen this blog, well it's based on our group theme, 'annoying parents', and also my perspective of annoying/nosy dad, that's why. so what do you say?

My father is also annoying,he makes me do stupid chores and he always complains on how slow i am BUT the truth is that he's always in a rush for no reason!,and he doesnt let me have privacy(he only lets me in the toilet) and for the past couple of months he's been telling me to go outside and not stay home on my laptop,and now im mostly outside but he wants me INSIDE!,for the past couple of years he's had a job that hardly kept him inside the house and he was always busy at work but now he has another job and he comes home early!,a couple of weeks ago my dad went abroad and that was probably the best weeks of my life so far.

p.s. your dad cares for you thats why he asks if u need anything on your journey to home.

Omg this is cruel ur dad obviously loves u and cares about u so much so he checks on u a lot thats why he does this. Wouldn't u feel hurt if ur daughter practically hates hims just calmly say to him things like I would love you to come but its no parents aloud or no one elses parents are coming u would be bored.

your a stupid n.gger

OMG My dad is the exact same as yours, except my dad doesn't complain about the time it takes to get him food for his lazy ***, but boy, DOES he complain about other things!! Day in and day out, he whines about his arthritis, like his problems are worse than anyone else's. Seriously!! And to top it all off, he drinks like there's no tomorrow, and is also showing early signs of dementia. It's completely normal for him to be drunk on a Thursday afternoon, and when I tell my friends that, they're like "Seriously?!" And, like your dad, mine treats me like a toddler. One time, I was cooking pasta, and he kept coming into the kitchen asking me if I was alright. Seriously! I'm 19 for Christ sake!! To put it simply, everything you summed up except for the waiting for food applies to my dad. He's at his best when he's asleep. He is so childish and immature, he wore a KFC bucket on his head and insisted on showing it to me when I'm in my room.
At the moment, I'm trying to work on my maturity so that my mum will see me as an adult and let me move out. I'm sick of it all!!
So don't worry. You're not alone.

your parents must be asian.

This is racist

I feel your pain. My father is so annoying too. He used to blackmail me about removing my computer and laptop. I also know that he cheated on my mum and my mum knew but she had to stay with him as he paid for the bills. The way I dealt with it, is to just ignore him and treat him like dirt. And after he felt being thrashed around, he changed. Even worse. So what I am saying is that if he his a biggie, do NOT **** him off.

you are a little *****! you need to learn a lesson. I hope your father finds this an dreads it, because I can guarantee he has no idea you feel this way. I hope that when god forbid your father dies, you feel like an insecure little *****, because that's exactly what you are. I am so DISGUSTED with this, if I was your father, personally, you wouldn't be in my house anymore. I wouldn't want anything to do with you, I can promise you that. I can't imagine hating my father the one who loves me and the only man that will always protect me and love me and do anything he possibly can to keep me satisfies and keep a smile on my face. I really do hope that karma comes back to you eventually and bites you in the ***. take advantage of your father, because he's the only one you're gonna get.

Yer I completely agree with this

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i hope hitler captures you and makes you go in the gas chamber you retar.ded *** shot, i bet your dad was also real stupid just like you huh

All you idiots make me sick. My Dad is also annoying and so is my mom and my sister, but if one day I woke up and found myself all alone without these three people in my life, I'd probably slit my wrists and die. You're all nothing but a bunch of stupid teenagers. Period.

How old are you? Ten? Your dad is trying to build a relationship with you and you have to respect that. Reading through this made me want to throw up. You sound SO immature, I cannot take it. Your dad clearly cares about you and wants to make you happy. He asks what you're doing to build conversation, and he asks if you want anything from the store to make sure that you are happy and content. He wants to be there for you, that's what dads are for. I don't feel bad for you, I feel bad for your DAD, and what you put him through. Be lucky he is still there for you, this is disgusting.

i hope hitler comes for you and puts you in the gas chamber that will make ALL of our lifes easier without you around

Oh don't worry dear, one day he will be dead and won't be so annoying. Then you will wish he was around.

dont worry one day you will be dead an dpeople will poop and pee on your grave and instead of putting a flowey they put a middle finger becasue YOU sir are a peice of shi.t

he asked because he cares. thats it

My dad makes the sounds every ten seconds like he's snorting really loud and keeps smacking very loud also I just wish he would shut the hell up he acts like it doesn't bother anyone! Even my mom ******* Defends him! He is so ******* stupid! Gosh glad I at least have a place to get my thoughts out!

Me too. Except my dad asks politely, but he doesn't mean it. Anyway, I can't beleive someone else has the same prob. I'm only 12...

Right my dad was like y u block me from facebook and i was like so y do you care and he was going to take the computer away from me so i cant get on facebook just because i dont want him as a friend like really

Oh god, it feels like we are twins because my dad acts the exact same way your dad does!!! It's just SO annoying, for example, if I take a shower and it's more than 15 minutes, he's like "You're using all the hot water don't be selfish you should take 5 minutes to take a shower!" He can't cook for himself either and complains when me and my mom get home late just because we were getting food for his stupid butt. If I ask him for help on homework exercises, he's all like "are you dumb or there's tons of things online to help you with that!" He literally complains about everything and screams when he can. I'm not gonna make this a super lengthy comment, but don't worry you aren't the only one in this situation. I have two older bros' and one of them is in an University and only visits on holidays because he hates dad. I'm counting down the years until I get out of this place. He thinks I'm 5 when I'm a teenager, not a toddler. Anyways this won't last, one day you'll get out and you'll do what you want with your life and your ad won't be there unless he visits you.

My dad is exactly the same. Annoying, and only care about him ******* self. Counting down to the days I'm 18 so I can get outta this place. Freedom and independence, I can't wait!!!

Well I'm glad someone else experiences this. This is pretty much what I have to go through as well. My mum is pretty strong though. Nearly always gets her way and understands me. My brother also lives with us and he stays in his room while I work on stuff. We're all in the same boat here. He sneezes real loud as well. Wakes me at night before school. My mum being the only female in the household doesn't make a difference. She stands for everyone except my dad (lol) and understands me and my bros problems. Let's try to put up with this until we move away from our terrible dad eh?

my dad talks nonsense all the freaking time. its so annoying! the thing about him, he's really lonely, so whenever he gets the chance, he tries to talk to anyone he can find. he always tries to start a conversation but he says really stupid things. he knows i don't respect him, so he doesn't really talk to me that much either. i may hate him, but at the same time, i also pity him. i have to admit, his life sucks. his wife and child doesn't like him, no one respects him, people consider him as a burden, no one talks to him. its all pretty sad for him. he used to cry whenever he thought no one heard him. poor guy, but honestly, he has to change for the better.

Isn't it possible to talk to him honestly and try to help him...on the other hand he should try to understand you? I mean there should be a way to communicate once in a while on a good level. Or at least I hope this for you ;)

I bet a lot of kids simply wished they HAD a dad.

Your problems sound kid's stuff! Get over puberty and let's see!

HEY! We all have the same prob. Thats really mean!

Its mean, egocentric, childish to judge like this about your dad.

no it is not be in a sufferer's shoes then you will realize ....... i have an irritating annoying and abusive dad who wants to poke his nose in everything i do. he has a problem even if i use the restroom..

honestly i hope you become a slave then go in the gas chamber

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We share snippets of sentiments here. My dad is a good man, but he is just so freaking annoying! He always asks so many questions! I know he is not dumb, but he acts like that sometimes. If he asks me something, and if I do not want it, he will still ask the same question for a gazillion times! He nags a lot too! I am not a rebel or whatever, so I am still doing my part as a daughter. Again, he is just so freaking annoying! And the worst part is, he cannot decide well for his family, and he complains for that! I am trying to be good, but there are just times that he gets into my nerves!

Ugh!! My dad is the same too!
He keeps on asking me have you brushed your teeth???
Or he will say Am I number 1? or 2?
My parents are divorced and he keeps on saying mean things about my mum I hate it! Oonce I punched his face, but that was to show another way of what this lady was doing on the movie.

"Oonce I punched his face" - are you proud of that??

are youuuu a peice of shi.t YES YOU ARE, YES YOU ARE

thats exacty how i feel my dad drives crazy 2 and he is sooo annoying 2 i so know how u feel

omg thats so creepy! that story explains my feelings exactly like word 4 word!


That **** can be annoying as ****, the other day my annoying dad comes in my room where he startles me out of nowhere saying " I don't know if this meat is any good" and HE BRINGS IN THE PACKAGE OF GROUND MEAT!!!!! He unraps it and smells it going ARGHH then he wants to to give it to me to smell. What the heck is wrong with you old man????? If its no good throw it out, he just has to bring it to my room.

Wow - some people here on EP seem too have "real" problems!!

I guess you have a trauma from this now! It seems the problem is pampered children.

wow, your comment was so dumb i lost 60 iq points wolfsdream, just go back to the wild you stupid beast.

I'm sorry for you!

Here are really many, many people like you who have really awful experience with their dad or mom but some seem to complain on a high comfort level and should consider the possibility that they are the problem simply because they are too self-centered.

Listen don't be so hard on ur dad. He loves u, and is trying 2 be nice 2 u. Sometimes my dad is annoying. He wants 2 have fun with u but ur rejecting him. I suggest u guys have a day when u confess how u feel about him and things WILL get better.

Glad you got it off yout chest. I love my dad but it seems like you hate him though. My dad csn be annoying too but it's because he's sick at times and looks and walks like he's old

At least you love your dad!

at least your stupider then the stupidest person on the earth

I know it can be hard...I, too, have an annoying dad. He's a recovering alcoholic that complains all the time. I've tried nearly everything with him; I've told him outright to stop, I've tried to talk to him, I used to be physically abusive toward him when I was younger, but to no avail.

For your dad, it does sound like he's trying to connect with you if he hasn't done so when you were little, but what most parents don't realize is that the tween and teen years are the worst -- if not downright impossible -- years to try and form a bond with their kids. It's the time when we're trying to become more independent from parents, and this does mean that parents that haven't formed a strong relationship when their kids was young won't be able to do so when we're almost adults.

If you can tell him this as gently as possible, he might decrease his annoying behaviour, but it won't completely stop (it's a dad's job to protect you and, sometimes, annoy you). It's probably best that you tell him with a school councilor or someone in a similar position. I might have to do the same with my dad.

Hopefully this wasn't too long of a post. Good luck with your dad.

my dad is the same super annoying but sometimes i feel that his way of doing things is like that and he probably just wants to get closer to me :)

I also think we should try to understand our parents. They sometimes only want to get closer to us again. What's so bad about this? I guess I'm also annoying very often to my parents. We can explain them and find a way to communicate in my view (of course it's difficult or impossible if someone has a drug/alcohol problem or a disease).

stfu wolfsdream your a peice of stupid shi.t

Be grateful your so ungrateful, what will you do when your dad dies. Probably cry and beg god to bring him back to life

That's exactly what I thought!

exactly what i though, you ARE stupider then the stupidest person on the earth

He's trying to get along. My dad is the same way.

trust me, my dad is alot worse!!! but were teenagers,we gotta live with it:(

it damn damn true ! Now i ****** hate him !!

Annoying: definition- causing irritation, bothersome, troublesome, pesky. I would say these are signs of someone who needs, and I do mean Needs attention.
They may not have the proper guidance themself to know how to make a relationship with you. Sounds to me too that something has happened in his life along the lines where your parent may be harboring some resentment about something. I know because I hear it in what your saying. If your not careful and do something about it yourself you may lose a chance in a great relationship you could develop into. As I have said before in another post (my fathers a rapist, and I have nothing to do with him) I met him as an adult and he rejected me, because of how I look. Trust me thats alot worse.
I had a good man raise me for 19 years of my life, and I wouldn't have traded him for anything in the world, he was a real jackass too, and we had fights, he hit on me.You may go through your whole life never knowing what could have made your father like that, it could be so bad, you really don't want to know. Trust this, one day you will be at an advantage to take care of yourself and you will (for the most part, get to live that long) spend a lot longer time of your life as an adult, then you did as a child, dependent of someone else taking care of you.

But, if you let that attitude sit within you and linger around in your heart it could eventually come back and hurt you, evils only job is to steal, kill and destroy, and then your dad, being as bad as it sounds from you, will have Won! Misery loves company and you don't really want that now, do you?

Please try for your own well being to make the best out of a worst situation, think before you talk and act. React differently to him, then your first thought you know the way You would like to be treated. Be better than that! For yourself and him. If he is picking at you. Pick back at him, show him how it feels, but try to be nice. if you actually tried communication with him as I see that he does care so much about you. That's why he ask you all those questions, try asking him one sometime and listen to him, he travels, so much can be said about that, that you don't see on the internet, never the same as have been there!

Make the effort, for yourself, to forgive him, he may not even have a clue what he is doing to you! Keep in mind too, I am twice your age and from my experience I see alot of my friends adult kids, treating them like they saw their parents treat their parents. So if you do plan to have children some day I hope you keep that in mind =)

You're an ungrateful little thing, aren't you?


My dad is alway friggin sarcastic he alway is joking I once said I have a splitting headache and he was like no you don't honey your head isn't splitting

Same exact problem, except my dad was physically but not emotionally or mentally present for the bulk of my life due to his addiction. When I became an older woman he then wanted to build a relationship with me, and it annoys the hell out of me. He doesnt support me financially either, just kinda mooches off my mom.

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I have been distant from him for over 2 months. I tried the whole reaching out thing, but it really upsets me when I take him to a basketball game (my treat) and he doesnt even have enough cash to buy himself a bottle of water.

This is becoming about me, but like they said above. He wants your attention and the relationship you have with your mom, you may need to explain to him that you need your space but I honestly dont think it'll do any good. You may just have to deal with it until you move out.

Good luck.

This made me laugh only because I can relate to it so much. My dad is super annoying too. He always brings up random **** from the past and does not stop lecturing me about it. He also asks me too many questions like I do not want to answer him. I just bite my freaking tongue 'cause I know I will end up talking back to him. And he is just so mean to my mom! But anyway, I just kind of learn to ignore him although it's hard or I just stay in my room!

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I only read up to were you ring your mum and personaly I think it was a bi harsh becuase your mum will tell him what you said to her, you dad loves you and is trying to talk to you, dads are lazy and bosy and they dont need to say please and thankyou beecause they kinda brought you up and get money for the family, the fact that he pick you up from school is enough, I have been poor a few times and my mum and/or my dad didnt have meals for a few days just so then we could eat the little that we had. I think you should epriciate that he doesnt beat you and tht h loves you,

uhhh... i had alot in common in differnt ways when i was younger but i think your dads crazy...... find a docter or a physican i use to be one of each but uh... bye have fun WAIT do you think thats its your fault thats what i usually ask my customer and then they realize it all

Sounds like my parents rolled into one.

Omg, I have the EXACT and I mean exact same problem as you. I know how you feel. But no matter how annoying he is, I have to just keep it to myself.

oh my gosh, it feels like you're writing about me!! :P <br />
The chores are SO annoying!! I feel like saying "you have two legs and two arms, so you should be able to do it!!!!!" UGH!!!! but if I ever say anything like that he gives me a huge lecture on how "I work so hard and I'm not young anymore .." etc.. <br />
I totally understand how you feel!!!!!!

I am literally nodding as I am reading this because I've been there and felt many of the things you've mentioned with my own dad that you are feeling towards your dad. <br />
<br />
BUT (and this is a big but) you have to try and see his actions in a different light. Look at his actions as being caring and loving instead of annoying and bothersome. Many, many, people don't have a father to be annoying and check on them in their rooms or volunteer their time to cook with them. (something you like to do even!) He just wants to spend time with his kid. And, know that when I say kid, I am using it figuratively and you are at a time in your life where you're beginning to transition from being a child to a young adult and independence IS important. My suggestion is that you tell him kindly that you would like your space as you are, blossoming into a woman. He should understand and respect that. I don't have all the answers for you, but maybe if you concentrate less on what your dad is doing to annoy you, and more on positive things you might find yourself happier. Give him a chance, be patient, and make some time for him too. It sounds like that's all he wants and maybe seeing as you're so close to your mom, he feels the need to overcompensate to acquire that same affection you admittedly said you show towards your mom. I think you're doing a great service to yourself by taking this step by posting and getting outside opinions, because it's hard sometimes to see what our parents do as acts of love especially if we already find them somewhat of a nuisance. You're growing up but remember he's growing old and you may not get this much time to spend with him ever again, as you say you are preparing for college leave. Keep your head up with this and I hope the relationship between you and your dad only gets better from here. Good luck.

You're overreacting... My dad searches my web history, and I really can't do a ******* thing to stop him, so if you think that the fact that your dad gives you chores, and is lazy is bad, you obviously have no idea what other people have to deal with on a daily basis.

You're overreacting... My dad searches my web history, and I really can't do a ******* thing to stop him, so if you think that the fact that your dad gives you chores, and is lazy is bad, you obviously have no idea what other people have to deal with on a daily basis.

OMG. i know this is way off time but.. MY DAD IS THE EXACT SAME. O_O It's so weird that my dad is like other dad's in this world... but yeah, i live with it too. -_-. I don't cry about it though and i don't hate my dad. But honestly, my dad is like the way you described your dad !! sheesh, what's worse is that my dad shouts when he "communicates".. that's extremly annoying but i live with it.

OMG. i know this is way off time but.. MY DAD IS THE EXACT SAME. O_O It's so weird that my dad is like other dad's in this world... but yeah, i live with it too. -_-. I don't cry about it though and i don't hate my dad. But honestly, my dad is like the way you described your dad !! sheesh, what's worse is that my dad shouts when he "communicates".. that's extremly annoying but i live with it.

Well My Dad Is Like That, But I Just Deal With It. Your Dad Loves You, And The Only Reason He So "Up In Your Business" Is Because He Wants To Spend Time With You. Some Teenagers Never Like Spending Time With Their Parents, And Don't Know Why. My Dad Actually Teaches Me Not To Make A Noise While Eating, And He Doesn't Make Noise Either. Well I Think It's Because I'm An Asian Family, But The Bottom Line Is, Don't Push Away Your Dad. No Matter How Annoying He May Be, All He's Trying To Do Is Spend Time With You And Bond. You Shouldn't Get Angry With Him Because Of That.

Maybe You Shouldin't Capalise Every Letter, You Peice of Shi.t

Okay, so I don't think you should think about your dad like that. I mean, I honestly don't know what that feels like... My dad is so AWESOME! But, I just wanted to say that my father is the BEST DAD EVER!!! As is my mom. My whole family is SUPER AMAZING! I love it just the way it is. (Not really helping... am I?) I share your sorrow, but there really is nothing you can do about... Just deal with it. Try to be nice to him. LUV U PAPA AND MAMA FOR BEING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! LUV U 2 MUCH!

OMG ... this is my dad ... he asks me the same effing questions over and over and over again within the same 5 minute tim fr<x>ame ... and he also has ocd and... he interrogates ALL my friends ... this post explains my dad exactly

Your dad clearly is reaching out to you, he is annoying because he wants your attention and he's not getting it, the more you give him the cold shoulder the more worried and agitated he becomes, and then more he craves your acceptance and approval as someone you look up to.<br />
<br />
So in a nutshell, the more you are annoyed, the more he will 'annoy' you. And I believe this is all because <br />
1) you grew up, and you've found more interesting things than to play with your dad<br />
2) your dad noticed that you've found more interesting things than him and is having a hard time dealing with it.<br />
<br />
He only seeks your attention because he cares, he really, really cares. Imagine how you would act around your crush or something, how would you feel if your crush gave you the cold shoulder? You'd be devastated and probably do stupid things to get his attention right? Even if that's not you, you've definitely seen someone else react the same way right? That is your dad around you, he only wants your attention because he loves you. Most people here in this forum have dads that doesn't even want their daughters let alone want their attention. Please be grateful for your dad before it is too late. <br />
<br />
If you dare say things like "he doesn't even say thanks when i hand stuff to him" then how can you live under his roof, let him pay for your food, water and electricity and pick you up after school? Have you said thanks to him or have shown your appreciation in any way? Think about it.

go fu.ck yourself

You have such a great dad you loves you- true he is overbearing but if you get embarrassed so easily then you have some other insecurity to feel cool (according to me, maybe not true but that's how I feel). You are 15, not 18- you are still his kid. He seems like a high-energy FATHER, and you what? Try to see the best in it and love him back because not everyone has a father you cares so much. i thought my father is annoying too but he's your annoying, crazy, loving person.

First I used to think that parents and older people have the wrong idea about our generation. Then, i read your rant and I am so ashamed. Those are normal dad things- not anything you have to cry over. I'm sorry but he's your family- if he has to say "please" and "thank you" then you should pay your parents back for raising you. I understand common courtesy, and that since they are your parents, they raise you, but seriously I think it's just a tad bit over dramatic. i can't believing I'm siding with the parents since my own parents are well....you know. However, I agree with "Knighted....

Sounds like he is trying to be a good dad and really doesn't know how. I doubt he trying to be annoying on purpose. He is probably doing what he thinks he should be doing, not knowing that it's annoying you.<br />
<br />
He won't stop unless you talk to him about it. You have to remain calm and can't yell otherwise you will start an argument. He will become defensive, you become defensive. The cycle continues.<br />
<br />
His suggestion about calling your aunt was actually pretty good. She could tell you about to see, places to be careful of, places to get the best deals or best food. It's not because she cares or not. He was just trying to help. Who knows she might have some tips on what to pack so you tale stuff you don't need.<br />
<br />
If your brothers aren't talking to him and your not talking to him the guy is lonely. He lost one son because he doesn't visit. He pretty much lost his second son. Now he sees you slipping away to. He just wants to be involved. He's trying to be good dad.<br />
<br />
If you don't believe me try this. Ask him for help on something or for some advice. Then watch him jump at the chance. He may go overboard, but it's only because he is starving for a relationship with you.<br />
<br />
It's just how I see it. Hope it helps.