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Why Are You So Annoying!!!!!?????????

My dad is SO VERY ANNOYING!!! He will come in my room, when I'm on the computer or doing homework, and ask the dumbest questions like, what r u doing? "HOMEWORK, DUH!!" & he asks the same thing everyday. Sometimes he acts like he cant do CRAP, i will be all the way upstairs & he will call me down to the kitchen & say "GO TO THE BASEMENT & GET ME SOME PAPER TOWELS" i'm like r u serious? And he never asks politely he always says "DO THIS OR DO THAT" not "WILL U DO THIS FOR ME PLZ OR CAN U DO THIS PLZ" and he hardly ever says "THANK YOU" He picks me up everyday from school & he drives me crazy the whole ride home, he will ask "DO U WANT ANYTHING" (like 2 eat or from the store) & if i say "NO" he will name 50 million things & ask me if i want/need them when I already said I do NOT want/need anything. And i didn't really tell him anything about stuff happening at school or about anything because he always has something smart/stupid to say about it, like he is "MR. SMARTY-PANTS." When I get home I call my mom(who is at work) & tell her how my day was & how annoying my dad is & how when i move out I am not coming back 2 visit & she can come visit me, but don't bring my dad with her. I try not to talk 2 him cause if I do I may say the wrong thing & go off on him. He always tries 2 start an argument with my mom about something stupid & he acts like he is 5. One day me & my mom went to the mall, she said we couldn't be out long because we need 2 get back home so she could get something 4 my dad(like he cant cook 4 himself) so when we get in the house he says "I SEE U TOOK UR TIME 2 GET BACK HOME" i thought that was so rude, we actually went 2 like 3 stores & we came back home so she can cook for that crazy man. And then OMG he will be in the basement & come all the way upstairs 2 my room & just tap my arm(not hit it hard) & then walk out, WTF!! When i was younger( i am now 15) i didn't think my dad was that annoying, but the older I get the more annoying he is. Sometimes I will go in my room & just cry & ask God to help him so he wont be so annoying. I don't know what 2 do. I am so glad I have my mom, she is like my bff, I tell her everything & she understands how annoying my dad can be. Today I told him I wanted 2 go on the Costa Rica trip with my school & he said "OH, I THINK UR AUNT WENT 2 COSTA RICA, U SHOULD CALL HER & TELL HER U R GOING" I was like why the ***k should I call her & tell her that, she doesn't care when she goes on vacation, she doesn't call me & tell me where the heck she is going. I am also the youngest and the only girl(other than my mom) 1 of my older brothers moved out & he doesn't really come over that much, because he knows how annoying our dad can be. My other brother who leaves with us, is hardly ever home, he only comes 2 sleep & shower because he doesn't want 2 be around my annoying dad. My dad also thinks he has 2 go everywhere with me, if i am going 2 a school game with my friends he thinks he should come with me & my mom tells him "NO, SHE DOESN'T WANT U THERE" then he acts like his feeling r hurt. There r SO MANY MORE reason why he is so annoying but I will stop here cause this is probably long already. I just need someone to help me & him so he want drive me crazy. Also it seems like the older he gets the more annoying he is. I know i said i was going 2 end it but there r a couple more things I want 2 say. I love 2 cook(so does my dad) & whenever I am cooking something he will say "DO U KNOW WHAT U R DOING" I say "YES" then he comes over 2 me & starts putting seasonings & other CRAP in my food & tries 2 cook it for me. And when we r sitting at the table eating he chews/eats like a pig(literally), he makes this loud clicking sound in his mouth & gets food all on his clothes & face & if we don't tell him its there he will walk around like that until he goes 2 the bathroom & looks in the mirror. Also he is SO embarrassing, when we r out in public he well put his arm around my neck & act like I'm a little kid. Sometimes he will go out of town 4 like a week 4 work & those r the best weeks EVER, but when he comes back :( my whole life feels ruined. Now I am done, sorry for how long it is. THX 4 reading though.
mimi04wb mimi04wb 16-17 68 Responses Jun 21, 2010

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Omg yes my sad is extremely annoying. He presses so hard like heck on my smartphone when he tries to do something, his phone is always on speaker and he talks to it so loud I practicly have to yell in his dang ear when I try to tell him something. When he eats his mouth is open and I swear you can hear squishy-squashy sounds in there. He is super tight with money. He won't even let my mom have a job cause he's to afraid that she won't be home to cook for her. He blames me for any technical difficulties for about anything, TV,cable,WiFi,computer,smart phones. My smartphone!He's such a stupid heartless cheap idiot and sometimes I just want to strangle him. I purposely mock him with the squishy sound and complain about him to my friends. Thanks for letting me talk
Made me feel better

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YEAH , i understand maybe why your mad, cause like my dad i love him, he genuinely did everything, he gave me a house, clothes and food, and that something some people wish to have, so you have to be grateful, you seem unappreciative, but i also feel very uncomfortable with my dad, but i suggest you find why, and don't state petty stuff like he "taps me", because the nice things are annoying you. like my dad im annoyed and i don't wan to talk to him because he did some stuff that pissed me off, he can be very sexist and honestly can be very overprotective, but what mostly really made me separate myself from my dad is his anger, he never hit me, but this summer he kinda did it wasn't like oh child abuse, but it was for a very stupid reason and he did it out of his anger, another time he was angry really angry and hit my sister bad like really bad and he started crying, so he doesnt really hit, but when he gets angry things escalate a lot. so thats my reason and other stuff maybe he kinda comments on everything i say, and i know he wants to be involved but i don't want him, so i get you i do, but you have to try to look t the positive stuff, i try to be positive and just look at it as no one is perfect and at least i have father that actually cares to talk to me and puts effort. my friend wishes her dad gave her attention, like i felt so guilty once she told me don't be mean to ur dad an di thought i was being normal, so just try to always say thank God for a home and clothes and food and a person who wants to be in ur life and thats all form one person your DAD.

hope you find solace with your issue and always questions your emotions and dig deep

this was long- love and hope from B

**** YOU


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i have the same thing homie trust me.

Instead of being a stuck up little snob think about this, you wouldn't be here without him, he ******* raised your annoying *** cause yes you seem pretty annoying yourself, when he asks what you want to eat he's making sure you don't go to bed ******* hungry, when he taps you he probably just wants to spend time cause your stuck up *** probably sits in your ******* room all day doing ****. In his eyes, you're still his little girl, no matter how annoying all this common **** parents do is, at the end of the day he's just trying to make you happy and keep a relationship with his selfish daughter. Appreciate your ******* parents you ****.

Instead of being a g@y Cun-. t why dont yuou dronw yourself you little btich

Instead of being a stuck up little snob think about your stupid coment, Please tie a brick to your leg and go jump off a bridge, and also take all your family with you

ik its soooo anoying my dad is very similar

Your perspective will change so much when he's gone. I promise.

Yeah, my "dad" does similar things and I understand why you hate him, but I mainly want to comment on the embarrassing in public part. EVERY PARENT IS LIKE THAT! Some more than others, but if you ask anyone I bet they will tell you that its true. So trust me because my parents have done it to me more times than I hopped especially in very public places. :/

Yeah, my dad too, he probably doesn't know how annoying he is, so maybe you should give him a talk. I know it sounds like a kid's show but it works. He probably loves you.

Haven't you thuought you're the annoying one? Like you can't even use proper grammer, you're 15, a 8 year old can write better than you, and look it doesnt matter how annoying he is these generations are getting stupid and disrespectful day by day. Why won't you just shut up and obey? Bye.

Lalaomg, some people can't tolerate it, so I ask you sincerely, to try to understand.

Your dad obviously cares about you and yes they can be annoying but then again everyone can be. even you. Although he may be annoying to you at times you need to realise he cares about you. Whining about someone you love is not fair to them. If he annoys you by just doing this You aren't being real fair. Other people have a much harder time when it comes to their fathers so respect yours because he is the only one you have. Don't whinge because there are people out there who have things much harder then you.

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I want to be in this project to help people with their dad issues ,just write to me and I will answer your questions

My name is Rachel ,I'm a pretty girl and I am willing to help anyone on this website:)

I have another profile now guess check the other Rachel

Hey, I loved your blog, and I really felt you, my parents can be like that sometimes. So am doing this drama production, it's basically based on blogologues, 'the internet performed', and i would love to narrate your blog as my piece, don't worry, the whole credit will go to you and i will not change anything or even show my classmates this blog, it will remain anonymous. You might be wondering why i have chosen this blog, well it's based on our group theme, 'annoying parents', and also my perspective of annoying/nosy dad, that's why. so what do you say?

My father is also annoying,he makes me do stupid chores and he always complains on how slow i am BUT the truth is that he's always in a rush for no reason!,and he doesnt let me have privacy(he only lets me in the toilet) and for the past couple of months he's been telling me to go outside and not stay home on my laptop,and now im mostly outside but he wants me INSIDE!,for the past couple of years he's had a job that hardly kept him inside the house and he was always busy at work but now he has another job and he comes home early!,a couple of weeks ago my dad went abroad and that was probably the best weeks of my life so far.

p.s. your dad cares for you thats why he asks if u need anything on your journey to home.

Omg this is cruel ur dad obviously loves u and cares about u so much so he checks on u a lot thats why he does this. Wouldn't u feel hurt if ur daughter practically hates hims just calmly say to him things like I would love you to come but its no parents aloud or no one elses parents are coming u would be bored.

OMG My dad is the exact same as yours, except my dad doesn't complain about the time it takes to get him food for his lazy ***, but boy, DOES he complain about other things!! Day in and day out, he whines about his arthritis, like his problems are worse than anyone else's. Seriously!! And to top it all off, he drinks like there's no tomorrow, and is also showing early signs of dementia. It's completely normal for him to be drunk on a Thursday afternoon, and when I tell my friends that, they're like "Seriously?!" And, like your dad, mine treats me like a toddler. One time, I was cooking pasta, and he kept coming into the kitchen asking me if I was alright. Seriously! I'm 19 for Christ sake!! To put it simply, everything you summed up except for the waiting for food applies to my dad. He's at his best when he's asleep. He is so childish and immature, he wore a KFC bucket on his head and insisted on showing it to me when I'm in my room.
At the moment, I'm trying to work on my maturity so that my mum will see me as an adult and let me move out. I'm sick of it all!!
So don't worry. You're not alone.

your parents must be asian.

This is racist

I feel your pain. My father is so annoying too. He used to blackmail me about removing my computer and laptop. I also know that he cheated on my mum and my mum knew but she had to stay with him as he paid for the bills. The way I dealt with it, is to just ignore him and treat him like dirt. And after he felt being thrashed around, he changed. Even worse. So what I am saying is that if he his a biggie, do NOT **** him off.

you are a little *****! you need to learn a lesson. I hope your father finds this an dreads it, because I can guarantee he has no idea you feel this way. I hope that when god forbid your father dies, you feel like an insecure little *****, because that's exactly what you are. I am so DISGUSTED with this, if I was your father, personally, you wouldn't be in my house anymore. I wouldn't want anything to do with you, I can promise you that. I can't imagine hating my father the one who loves me and the only man that will always protect me and love me and do anything he possibly can to keep me satisfies and keep a smile on my face. I really do hope that karma comes back to you eventually and bites you in the ***. take advantage of your father, because he's the only one you're gonna get.

Yer I completely agree with this

Stfu fagg3t

All you idiots make me sick. My Dad is also annoying and so is my mom and my sister, but if one day I woke up and found myself all alone without these three people in my life, I'd probably slit my wrists and die. You're all nothing but a bunch of stupid teenagers. Period.

How old are you? Ten? Your dad is trying to build a relationship with you and you have to respect that. Reading through this made me want to throw up. You sound SO immature, I cannot take it. Your dad clearly cares about you and wants to make you happy. He asks what you're doing to build conversation, and he asks if you want anything from the store to make sure that you are happy and content. He wants to be there for you, that's what dads are for. I don't feel bad for you, I feel bad for your DAD, and what you put him through. Be lucky he is still there for you, this is disgusting.

Oh don't worry dear, one day he will be dead and won't be so annoying. Then you will wish he was around.

he asked because he cares. thats it

My dad makes the sounds every ten seconds like he's snorting really loud and keeps smacking very loud also I just wish he would shut the hell up he acts like it doesn't bother anyone! Even my mom ******* Defends him! He is so ******* stupid! Gosh glad I at least have a place to get my thoughts out!

Me too. Except my dad asks politely, but he doesn't mean it. Anyway, I can't beleive someone else has the same prob. I'm only 12...

Right my dad was like y u block me from facebook and i was like so y do you care and he was going to take the computer away from me so i cant get on facebook just because i dont want him as a friend like really

Oh god, it feels like we are twins because my dad acts the exact same way your dad does!!! It's just SO annoying, for example, if I take a shower and it's more than 15 minutes, he's like "You're using all the hot water don't be selfish you should take 5 minutes to take a shower!" He can't cook for himself either and complains when me and my mom get home late just because we were getting food for his stupid butt. If I ask him for help on homework exercises, he's all like "are you dumb or there's tons of things online to help you with that!" He literally complains about everything and screams when he can. I'm not gonna make this a super lengthy comment, but don't worry you aren't the only one in this situation. I have two older bros' and one of them is in an University and only visits on holidays because he hates dad. I'm counting down the years until I get out of this place. He thinks I'm 5 when I'm a teenager, not a toddler. Anyways this won't last, one day you'll get out and you'll do what you want with your life and your ad won't be there unless he visits you.

My dad is exactly the same. Annoying, and only care about him ******* self. Counting down to the days I'm 18 so I can get outta this place. Freedom and independence, I can't wait!!!

Well I'm glad someone else experiences this. This is pretty much what I have to go through as well. My mum is pretty strong though. Nearly always gets her way and understands me. My brother also lives with us and he stays in his room while I work on stuff. We're all in the same boat here. He sneezes real loud as well. Wakes me at night before school. My mum being the only female in the household doesn't make a difference. She stands for everyone except my dad (lol) and understands me and my bros problems. Let's try to put up with this until we move away from our terrible dad eh?

my dad talks nonsense all the freaking time. its so annoying! the thing about him, he's really lonely, so whenever he gets the chance, he tries to talk to anyone he can find. he always tries to start a conversation but he says really stupid things. he knows i don't respect him, so he doesn't really talk to me that much either. i may hate him, but at the same time, i also pity him. i have to admit, his life sucks. his wife and child doesn't like him, no one respects him, people consider him as a burden, no one talks to him. its all pretty sad for him. he used to cry whenever he thought no one heard him. poor guy, but honestly, he has to change for the better.

Isn't it possible to talk to him honestly and try to help him...on the other hand he should try to understand you? I mean there should be a way to communicate once in a while on a good level. Or at least I hope this for you ;)