I've never liked him. I have 3 older brothers and an older sister (one brother was his step-child) and none of them ever liked him either. He doesn't know how to be a dad, he's selfish, and he just sits in the same chair and watches TV, all day every day. He is the most ungrateful person I have ever met and I hate living with him. I dread the time he gets off work and I am no longer home alone. I honestly think it is just his personality though. A lot of other people that know him say he needs to "take a chill pill" or just relax, which I totally agree with. He is rude to everybody, even people he doesn't know! I've often apologized to strangers for his behavior because it is embarassing.
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My dad actually SEARCHES MY WEB HISTORY on my computer, and if he doesn't like the sites I go on, he hangs it over my head for a week. He is always watching tv or goofing around with his fancy computer setup, and while he spends at least two thirds of his day on the computer, he gives me an hour of electronics a day. He emails every one of my teachers once a week on my progress, and he repeatedly fails to actually listen to what I have to say! And he also won't let me go over my friends houses EVER.

Haha. Sounds pretty similar! But no, I live alone with him so there is no possible way we're sisters! I plan on attending college far away enough that I don't have to come back and visit all the time and I can move..

Are you my sister because I feel like (unfortunately) we have the same dad. I too hate the moment he gets off work and if a friend ever has work or some family thing and has to cancel plans with me(plans i usually make in order to avoid him) it's even more of a let down. Hopefully like me you will either be attending college or moving out of the house soon so you can get a break from these sorts of forced relationships.