My Dad(the A**hole)

well my dad and i used to be okay until he started embarrasing me on purpose in front of teachers and just being an a** dad favors my brother and is a lazy sack of s***.he recently just got laid off from work and is now not doing anything but laying around the house and putting his boat that he cant afford in the water. so since he cant afford it he went into my bank account thats for a car and stuff and left me $27 in the account and considering i had $2,500 thats pretty sad. i hate him so much and i really would care less if he died.
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My Dad was pretty overt with his favouritism of my sister. It was totallty clear that he loved her more than me. Same with my mother, but she died when I was nine.

I know exactly how you feel, I hate my parents they are both evil! They are only nice to my sister, I remembered when I started working at age 14 in a restaurant for parties, my mom would keep my pay checks that I would work 33 hrs/ week in 3 days my mom said there are bills to be paid for at home but I didnt know better I was young so I would only keep the tips that I made. It would be $40/ day if it's was really good up to $60/ party anyways it took me a really long time to save up to $2000 then my mom told me this savings bond from RBC that I could purchase for college and earn $400/ year plus interests for school but it cost $2000 startup<br />
<br />
I gave it to her to buy it for me and when college came she said the money was all gone and that she lost it to stocks. However, she managed to give my sister's bonds back only because she was always the favorite.<br />
<br />
Why do people even have kids if they won't even love all of their kids?

Having money in your account means you have a job. You need another place to live to get away fROm the AH, if you are mature/old enough and the job can sustain you.