My Dad Is An ***

2 years ago my father got married to this lady that came from nothing and he told me and my two sisters that he raised we had no input on whether he marries her or not. (not to mention when he proposed to her she sent him back home with the ring because it was too small. WOW!!) They got married anyway without his kids support and some of her kids didnt even come to the wedding. al her kids ae grown and dont like her like me and my sisters but since then he changed on me and my sisters. my sisters are older than me and one of them was kicked out at age 18 so she moved in with her bf and now they have a baby and he's not in their life and my dad feels its his fault so he jumps to her every move and his wifes too but now that leaves me and my other sister nowhere. my other sister just finished her first year at a private college and is making excellent grades and my dad is not supporting her decision to return he feels she should take the easy way out so he wont have to put money into her tuition, its now paid by my mother who was never there for us when we were little so now she is making up for lost time. and my dad wants to take her education away from her for his own selfishness. me and my dad arent talking right now because i have been dating this guy for almost 2 years and he hates him an its really my fault but thats another story, and so we were out on a family gathering and i ran into him and we talked and before i left i kissed him and meanwhile my dad is standing there eyeing my boyfriend like hes my bodyguard. he gets furious mad and from there it got ugly and he keeps telling me and my sister to get out of his house i have never seen my dad so negative towards us and in my opinion i think we are pretty good kids that may mess up every now and then and i believe he is doing this because of my stepmom and it hurts me really bad that i cant get that relationship with my father....
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