My Hated Life

me and my father had never had a good relationship he hasd alway choose my older sister over me he care more for other people than me i guess that had turn me in the black sheep. The other day i came from work and he staring yealling at me for no reason and i stared to talk back at him for the first time in my life he got phicycal he hit me i told him i hated his a** and he did it again .  my life has been alway like this am the black ship i have ask myself many time what did i do to make him  treat me the way that he does . my mom see the way he acts and yet she doeent do nothing .sometimes i wish he could just go away but then i think of my mom she loves him too much i hate my father with all my heart i hate the way he cares for my older sister than me .
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Well I can see that I'm not alone in the world... My father beat me until at I was 13 yrs.old and I was big enough to take away the shovels, or anything at hand, he used ..... to "Beat the Devil" out of me.<br />
He's now 93... I'm 64...and still I don't feel comfortable around him... so I don't go around him. And have no intention of ever seeing him again.... well maybe... I'm sure if there is a heaven and hell, we will meet in the flames of damnation...<br />
Family and friends tell me to forget and forgive... Not a chance in hell I'll ever forget... so there is no reason to forgive either.

both my parents hates me too but loves my elder sister b/c she makes more money than me and would give them money to spend each month but I don't pay out. Why would I when they treat me like **** and insults me, comparing me to my precious sister? yes she's has a nicer nose then me, yes she gives you money, and yes she is everything that I'm not!<br />
<br />
I already have to pay for utility bills at home, they never paid for my college or buy me any new clothes it was always for my sister and when she was done with it I would get it up until I made my own money I could buy myself new clothes. <br />
<br />
When I go away on trips which is only once every 2 years, but as for my sister, she would go twice a year and each time when she comes home, there would be a welcome home note just for her from my dad but for me nothing. <br />
<br />
I just know when I make more money, I would just shove it to them and not have any kind of relationship, I won't even stay and visit for more than 5 mins, if they love money so much, I'll just throw it at them and leave!