I Hate My Dad

My mum came home late from getting some help from a friend about work. My dad started yelling at her because she was late; as if he was never late himself. He didn't know where she was, and I bet he was just agitated that he didn't know.

He yelled at her, saying she was irresponsible and rude because she stayed at her friends' house too late.

When she asked how come it was ok for him to stay out drinking with his friends and come home late all the time, he yelled at her. It was "different". It's ok for him to drink until 2am but not ok for her to get help about work and come home at 1am.

It's wrong when we make a tiny mistake, or make an error; entirely wrong.

When he makes a huge mistake or does something wrong, it's not his fault; its your fault for pointing it out. If you don't like how he does things, he yells at you.

I don't like something, but my brother likes it, then its ok because my brother likes it; there's obviously something wrong with me, because my brother likes it and i don't.

I don't care about him anymore. He's only my "dad" because he pays for my education and whatnot. After when I finish university and get a job, he's on his own. My brother can take care of him. I'm not going to. Why should I? He has one and a half years to convince me otherwise. Otherwise, I'm just going to leave him to rot and be lonely for the rest of his meaningless life.
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i feel you