Never Enough

i first realized i hated my dad when i was about 8 years old. It was night and i just got done having something to drink, so i put my drink on the counter. my dad then yelled at me to put it on the other side, so i did but i also said jeez. He, who always had a short temper, went to my and grabbed me by the neck and brought me over to the wall and slammed it against it. i was on the ground crying, he then kicked me across the floor. after the incident i went up to my room and locked myself in the closet because was terrified of him. this is when he pulls his im sorry it will never happen again bullsh*t. the years go by and i become a good student and athlete. when i get a good report card all he says is you could have done better. when i score a goal all he says was i was lucky and that i suck. every opinion i have is shot down by him because he is " always right" when i dont do something right he repideatly calls me a retard instead of helping me. now i come to the most recent attack. i was on the computer and my sister came over to bother me, i was trying to stay calm and told her to stop, but she kept on going. She then began getting physical so i pushed her away, she fell and started crying, she then got my dad who came running up the stairs and down the hallway towards me. he then came up to me and kicked me out of the chair, after that he grabbed me by the neck and punched me in my arm a coulple times. he then pushed my into the hallway saying get to room. i was crying because is was scared so i got up, he then kicked my to the ground saying crawl to your room so i did. after the second big incident my dad once again pulled the im sorry bullsh*t again. if there is any advice i truley need it.
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Could you tell a relative like an aunt or uncle that might straighten your dad out. It sounds like he's quite the bully. You sound like a smart kid. I'm sorry you have to go through this abuse. <br />
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Maybe next time your dad is busy giving you his fake, too late apology you should mention "That's good that you won't do it again b/c if you do, I'm telling the police and you won't be able to do it anymore." Unfortunately that would mean taking your sister and you away into foster care. <br />
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Big decisions, little person. I'm just sorry.