My Resentment Only Grows.

I am a grown woman and I still am dealing with emotional abuse from my father. It was physical until I was in my teens and was wise enough to threaten him. I lived in fear, of hearing footsteps chase me into my room so that I could lock the door while he shouted at me. He used to hit my brother and I, but never touched my sister. The second my mom knew, they got divorced but I still tried to go to his house, thinking he was better now but it didn't stop. I grew up thinking dads were supposed to have violent tempers. To this day, he still talks down to me and makes me feel terrible and incapable. I cut him off only to get voice mails from him two weeks later, worse than a pathetic ex boyfriend. He says he's sorry and that he wants to talk to me. He told me when I was a teenager that I was a "liability" and that he was cutting me off because I was in an accident in a car under his name. He used say that my mom and I were "just all right looking". Well every part of him is ugly. I inherited a large sum from my grandparents and he won't hand it over because of his resentment towards me which is now mutual and I still don't have the heart to take legal action. I have to deal with relationship issues with guys because of him and try to overcome those, as well as overcome the damage he's tried to inflict on my self esteem while his ego gets bigger. It's hard to forgive someone that's constantly tried to put me down, but I just try to think of him as a big nothing.
annie82188 annie82188
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2010