The Dad That Never Was..

If I see my dad today in front of me, I will probably never recognize him. He wanted mom to have boys and when mom had my sister and me, he did a lot of drama. my mum was harassed day in and day out, made to watch the women he got into the house, gave her sleeping pills so that she never realized what was happening and made her unfit to take care of the house anymore. One day he even took my sister's favourite doll and gave it to his mistress's niece. my mum scolded my sister, thinking that she had lost it somewhere. months later, my father told my mum thathe had given it. My sister never forgot that day, till date it hurts her that the father she loved so much had let her down.
It was his birthday on the 21st of  July. I had called him 6-7 years back asking him if he wanted to come and visit me in Delhi, he never gave an answer. I remember screaming at him into the phone. It was a few days before Holi, in March. After tracking him down a few days back, I have felt often the urge to call on the number that I have found, but more than that Ijust want to see him. Once, if he recognizes me, at all. or if I resemble him. I will always hate him for depriving us of a father and a loving husband in our lives. But I am glad that today both my sister and I are so happy, educated in the best of schools and colleges in India that nothing can really affect us.
I have never known how it is to have a father, or live with a male in the house. But what I do know, that I will get married to someone whom I can trust , more than love. I am more than determined to believe that good men and faithful husbands exist, and that they love their children and wife, no matter what.

In the end, the best revenge I  can probably take from my dad, is to live well . Really well. Rest will all fall into place.T

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A lot more than you can ever imagine. but that's him .

wow no afense but your dad is mean..................