I Hate My Father.

During my 15 years on earth I gone through living hell with my father. It lies all the time, he's stolen from my family and sold it for drugs, he mentally/physically/ and emotionally abuses me and my little brother who is 7. Though he is totally oblivious to it. He as threatened to kill us before by blowing are house up with C4, or setting our house on fire when were asleep, poison our food, or have one of his 'gang' related friends/family to come to the house and blow the first person away. He has uncontrollable anger issues and has shown me his drugs before that he hides in the ceiling tiles above our fridge. He's threatened to have me and my brother taken away from my mom since our living conditions which aren't very good considering we live nearly in poverty and my dad doesn't do anything about it except ***** and complain. We've threatened to call the cops on him but he's crazy and says that if he goes to jail he'll come back and kill us. Which scares me to no point. He has some kind of personality disorder and has been in jail before for domestics, and in a mental ward before I was born. He's done all kinds of drugs before he ever met my mother and I think its blow out his brains. My mom tries to help but is also pushed around by him. When she tries to find a different boyfriend he ends up with slashed tires and with a death threat. (the idiot *my father* isn't married to her). They've been together for 18 years and we've tried throwing his clothes outside but every time that happens he always just brings them back in. He doesn't help pay for anything and he is always calling me and my brother bastards, mistake, unwanted, no one loves us, and a bump in the night.....
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Wow, I'm so sorry. That is horrible! I have a friend who is in such a similar situation, his dad is violent & talks down to him all the time too. Last year my friend tried to kill his parents, & he had to spend some time in a mental hospital. Its sad cuz he is really smart & has a lot going for him, but his home is so messed up. What I have to say is know that you are such a better person then your dad! I might have no right to say this, but you sould forgive him to. Don't let yourself be limited cuz of him; don't give him that satisfaction. I spent so meny years hateing my dad(I still do hate him)but now I'm a better person because I'll learn from his mistakes. Be influenced not to be like him.<br />
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And I know it may seem helpless, but you should try get the police more involved. My mom has a crazy ex who comes over & breaks our doors to get into the house & all that other stuff, but we have hardly seen him since we got a restraining order. It took some time, & at one point he even turned the police against us, but it helped eventually.<br />
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Nothing is hopeless!

sad omg thats horrible